Does the debate change anything?

Opinion is divided as to whether Kevin Rudd or Opposition Leader Tony Abbott won last night’s third and final televised debate before the election.

After weeks of negative polls, do you think Labor still has a chance? 

Or is the Coalition on track for a convincing win?

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Abbott and Rudd both losing their seats, now that's an interesting thought. I don't think either of the deputies - Albo or J Bishop - would take over. I suppose Malcolm would blow the dust off his leaders badge but I don't know about Labor. The first term Opposition Leader is usually a career ending move - Nelson, Beazley, Peacock, Snedden come to mind. But it could be a challenge for a bright young mind with nothing to lose.

I wonder what will happen if some of Clive's team get elected but Clive doesn't...


It's unhealthy - your obsession with how I vote. You need to get a hobby, and quick.

How I vote is unimportant. Hell my vote is insignificant, but it is mine, and the last I heard that it was a secret ballot. And secret it shall remain, so you will have to ponder indefinitely.....

Clive Palmer could be a dark horse. I notice that many people on another senior's forum are saying they will vote for his party. Personally, I find the slant on mining in his policy statements a bit disturbing.

Glad you brought up the NBN Tweety. That was an important point I forgot to mention.

Ha ha ha - Loved the way he responded to the death staring pastor - brilliant!

1. We need to invest more in research and application of alternative energies. We need to seriously consider the value of healthy environment above $$$'s. I am not alone in feeling concern about the harmful impacts of mining, particularly gas fracking, on our environment.
2. Conscience vote was better than no conscience vote. The lib/Nats bow down to the religious Abbott who is joined at the hip to Pell.
3. The current PPL is good enough and no-one was complaining about it. So why prioritise middle-class welfare over need based welfare eg increasing Newstart?

For the rest you got my numbering muddled up so will just say:
(1) You also have been shown to lie about state and federal debt figures and to exaggerate about the significance of our federal debt situation.
(2) Our carbon tax moving to ETS is working well and is far superior to the Libs Direct Action Scheme.
(3) I can't understand why anyone would not want a super profit mining tax. Can you explain what you have against it?
(4) Raise GST? Sure - let's increase tax for the poor and all pensioners rather than tax the super profits of mining companies and tax big polluters.

Therese Rein's quote at PM Rudd/Labor's launch - "I want to introduce a husband who, when sent to Bunnings for a mozzie candle

...........'Out of the mouth of babes'

.........I'm so over PM Rudd's rhetoric, drifting commentary, and his sleaze and lies. He is so 'tarnished beyond repair'. Gillard only fault was she lied to the Australian voter and got into bed with those C-Greens. So unforgivable, but PM Rudd is just one big sham.

One went from rock bottom to top of the pops. It will be a wipe out for Labor - 25 seats, plus. Agree with your comment re the PUP group, they'll do better than Katter. PM Rudd is on the slippery slide, but whilst he may squeeze through, Mr Abbott is as safe as a bank deposit.

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