Does mass facial recognition technology worry you?

State governments have agreed to share biometric data, featured on identity documents such as drivers’ licences, as part of a national database.

The technology means the data can be automatically matched with that collected from devices located in airports, bus and train stations, retail malls, court buildings, prisons, sports facilities and anywhere else that has a networked camera.

An SMS survey by Roy Morgan Research showed Greens supporters (59 per cent) were more concerned about mass facial recognition technology than Labor supporters (33.5 per cent) or LNP supporters (19 per cent).

Analysis by gender shows little difference in the attitudes between women and men on the subject, while on an age basis, 45 per cent of those aged between 18 and 24 were more likely to be concerned than older people (19 per cent of those aged 65 and over).

But the technology has been criticised as costly and may give us a false sense of security against terrorism. Other people argue we will not know which officials will be accessing the data and what safeguards will be put in place to prevent misuse.

Does mass facial recognition technology worry you?

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Mass facial recognition technologies will be used to extract benefits for those that see an advantage to further their own agenda. To assume legislation/regulation will assist in preserving the status quo is quite naive.

For example, the union collective openly defy the law of the land whenever they want and especially in the IR field. It is more apparent within the ABCC and the legally constituted ROC rulings.

They poison the minds of the gullible by casting a large net of media frenzy condemning the innocent and some of us fall for it, hook line and sinker.

One last comment on facial recognition technologies. Apple and Google and other tech companies are developing facial recognition as an identifier for customers to log into their systems. The commercial uses are continuing to grow. Facebook has been using it for years.

I have not heard of anyone opposed to the use of this technology or to the better coordination of use by security forces. It is part of our life and use will continue to expand.

The concerns about potential excesses are genuine and these will have to be addressed by governments so the community can have confidence the technologies will be used appropriately and not misused for commercial or political advantage against citizens. That's not too much to ask.

In response to W E G 26 Oct, I feel the lashing of your wet lettuce leaf again, yet I do agree with you up to a point. I’m pleased you’ve acknowledged your ad hominem responses to other bloggers and I agree they are no substitute for a mature discussion. People like us approaching 70 should set better examples to younger bloggers.

For example, you could have stopped your 20 October post about China at the end of the first paragraph and you would have had broad agreement with your comment. But I’m on to you W E G. I’m not sure you really want people to agree with you or even see your point. That’s up to you of course but you’re hardly in a position to talk about about the “construct” of others when your own “construct” is to provoke with unnecessary name-calling in the first place. None of us want to shut down the debate, just keep it reasonable.

Then again, maybe you just like to be the centre of attention, in which case, objective achieved.

WEG as to you and your twin brothers bu your own words - if one is identified from a facial recognition exercise all four will suffer for the act of one. Are you prepared for that?

No Weg, no one is against you expressing your opinion even though at times not many of us agree with you. That is what the blog is for, an exchange of ideas on a variety of subjects.

What I object to is that you resort to name calling when others express a view contrary to your opinions. You accuse others of trying to shut down your views, but this is precisely your modus operandi.

Perhaps if you told us your opinions without the name calling, you would have more respect and credibility. It would also help if you expressed your own opinions rather than cut and pasted party talking points. That's a challenge for you.

Seems we have a few cases of circumstantial ad hominem. The ineptitude of these self appointed critics is typical of the moonbat era. Their construct is to deflect from the issue, to shut down any debate or views not aligned to their own. Quite sad really. Go figure.

Today's scam alert:
A man phones and tells you that your access to the Do Not Call list has expired, and he is about to help you have it reinstated. No thanks! Click!

I agree with Bob B. regarding Customer Service.

I returned a watch that was still under warranty to the jewellery shop where I bought it. Since they no longer employ a jeweller on the premises, it had to go to Sydney for service, even though it was most likely a dead battery. At this point, it is a 7 week wait to get my watch back, and 2 years ago, the store decided not to give out loan watches in the interim.

I consider there are 3 elements to this issue:

1. Company does not want to pay sufficient staff.
2. They hope you will toss the watch in the bin next time.
3. Perhaps hoping to sell you another watch (dreaming!)

I am also sick of listening to drivel regarding energy prices, when everyone knows they have risen by 400 to 500% in the last 10 years (not 63%).

Not a Scam alert but an alert.

I got my electricity bill yesterday. As usual I check the details. Woa. All of a sudden the solar bonus from the Queensland Government is changed to the level that applies to those who installed solar after the 'due' date. Rather than $0.546 per kWh it's now $0.106.

Rang the Retailer (AGL) who passed me from the call desk to 'the expert' who said he didn't know why but would take it up with Energex who control that aspect. I was asked to ring back in a week and find out the result. This is customer service!!!!

Last week I rang to change the tariff as we are converting to solar hot water. Guess what? They had to fill out a form and submit it to Energex and it will take up to 20 working days. Again customer service!!! I also asked if my smart meter has a communications module. You guessed, he didn't know and I had to ring Energex.

Point 1 - check your bills in detail.
Point 2 - why have we got retailers who only take your money!!!

Anonymous is if course quite correct in calling out our resident name caller. Weg resorts to this tactic when he has nothing to offer, hence almost every post he uses this tactic.

People resort to name calling when they have lost the argument. Because they cannot disprove others contributions, they attack the writer by name calling. And Weg has a long history of this, as sadly he has littlè substance to hs contributions.

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