Election countdown

The countdown is on. Over the past four weeks Kevin Rudd and Tony Abbott have campaigned day-in and day-out to win our votes.

As the 2013 election campaign draws to a close, the result will likely come down to the party which has the best policies - and personalities - on offer.

Which party has impressed you most in this election campaign and why?

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Well, they gave several banks/financial institutions in the US a AAA rating just before they collapsed - causing the GFC!!! These credit ratings agencies have very little credibility these days!

Absolutely astounding !

I think moving to the right and more right on some issues than others. Left and right are sometimes pretty meaningless - eg, a left of centre Liberal and a right wing Laborite may still not have too much in common. I can't think of any major issue where the ALP is very far to the left. Some of the European socialist parties would laugh at the thought of the ALP being called extreme left. In the end though it is all relative to where each of us stands on the political spectrum.

Yes, many would agree with you about that.

As I suspected, you're still pecking at seeds from your perch. Come down and join us sometime.

In relation to your last point, the idiom

WEG is a woman!

On just about every channel, there is more of the same!

In case you missed this morning's news, WA has just had its credit rating downgraded to AA.

There were also commentators saying that some credit ratings agencies are either incompetent or corrupt. This would not surprise me at all.

I simply judge by what you do - not by what you say. I shall continue to observe!

And I would like to see your views on nominated topics - not just your views on other bloggers.

Actually the WOMD argument is Austrailan. Howard Government Ministers used it to justify the invasion of Iraq. At the time they said regime change was not their objective. Another lie or did they change their minds? It seems everyone except Julia Gillard is allowed to change their mind.

A few examples of the rushed decisions during the caretaker period would add value to your argument.

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