How can we deal with North Korea?

On 4 July – American Independence Day - North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un   launched an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) with the capability of reaching Alaska and northern Australia.

US President Donald Trump has launched tweets asking: ‘Does this guy have anything better to do with his life?’ and commented that the rogue nation was ‘behaving very badly’.

Are we heading down a path towards war in Asia or is it possible for China to bring Kim Jong-un under control? Should Donald Trump ask Russian leader Vladimir Putin to broker a deal? 

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I am bemused with some of the particularly weak assessments of President Trump first 6 months in office. They come up with an appalling construct with personal vindictiveness and odorous descriptive of the free World’s most prominent Leader. Comments such as President Trump is insane, bluffing, exhibitionist, despot, corrupt, narcissististic,(?) mysogynistic,(?), and an xenophobic dictator to quote a few.

They have conveniently blotted from their memory some pertinent repositioning of America after 8 years of a lame President in Obama with international affairs.

Demanded Europeans start lifting their weight in World affairs. Approval to bomb Syria as they used chemical weapons on its own people.
Demanded Saudi Arabia and Middle East Governments drive out terrorists from their lands.
Poland speech prior to G20, lauded as one of the best in a generation.

Trump is unconventional but brilliant in how he manipulates the fools in the media to his own ends.

Please prove your acceptance that the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change contains only Climatologists by providing a complete list of panellists along with their qualifications.

If it rains fishes, I would appreciate it if someone delivers some to my door. Last night I enjoyed an excellent seafood meal with local branch members at a reasonable cost.

I didn't mention a logician at all, but I think if some of the people on this blog learned to think logically and interactively, they would cease arguing in favour of emptying their wallets.

In actual fact, there is some engineering knowledge involved in fishing, but a good point has been made that there is more to concern ourselves with regarding the Big Red Button, which has far greater logic to it than arguing in favour of higher household bills. The Climate Religion also doesn't discriminate between the rich and the poor when apportioning charges.

None of this information has come from any friend of mine, and I find it quite offensive when people on a blog start belittling me with a load of drivel. Everyone knows that the climate changes from time to time. There is ample evidence of this, but no data has been collected by the Prophets of Doom over a sufficient period of time to prove anything. Those who want to discredit Transdisciplinary Sciences are actually cruelling their own arguments. I think it is very plain to see that adherence to the Climate faith is designed to collect the Profits of Doom, otherwise all of you people need to stop complaining about enormous increases in your household bills, which could be considered a form of tithing. Tithing in churches is 10% of your income, but the Climate Religion is a comparative rip off merchant.

Steady on Bob B. I wasn't doubting that aeronautical engineers know nothing about fishing. Honestly no slight intended.
What I was trying to say I guess, is that aeronautical engineers know about aircraft engineering, professional fishermen know fishing etc. I did not suggest that you don't have any fishing knowledge, but it is likely as not to be less than a professional fisherman. I suggest that you would not often get consulted about medical problems, or legal matters.
We trust doctors for medical advice, lawyers for legal advice, so why not trust climate scientists to interpret climate data. Why do the sceptics think that they have more knowledge than someone trained in climate and working a lifetime in that field.
But if I make it down your way, I will certainly appreciate some of your fishing wisdom. Most fishers tend to know enough to feed themselves, and I include you here.

Yes, Eureka, we should have more co-operation between Russia and the US. The point is though, how can you trust a man like Putin?
It seems that any effective opposition leader in Russia eventually has an unfortunate accident and dies. It seems that all of the operatives and witnesses to the firing of the rocket which brought down MH17 over Ukraine, are disappearing or having fatal accidents. Anyone who dares to oppose the regime seems to be unlucky. Who knows how many people Putin has had killed. Yet you say we should trust him!
I agree that the Russian, Chinese, Korean and US leaders should be mature enough to govern for the people they represent and for the good of all of us on earth. I despair that in reality, this will not eventuate in our lifetimes.

Well said Bob. Now as an Aeronautical Engineer, a profession listed by Lorikeet under climate sciences,how much of your training and experience was a study of weather.
Everyone has opinions on everything, yet, the pertinent point is that Lorikeet disputes the climate change data. This data is actual decades of NASA and other weather records, atmospheric and core sampling.
I have no issue with people doubting some predictions, but the background data is not in dispute, only the predicted outcomes. I still put my money on the scientists directly educated and experienced in weather and climate, to get it right. I care not whether they overreach in some predictions. They need to scare us into action.

I'm an aeronautical engineer, mechanical engineer and project manager. Now that really spins out some fantastic fishing knowledge. I can catch fish too. I have an opinion on climate science too. I have an opinion on Trump, Kim Ul Choong!! and Putin as well. Does that mean it will rain fishes and the world will end under the big red button!! So much for climate science actual facts.

Lorikeet what you are saying is not unusual and has been employed for eons in management, more lately project management. The project manager can't know it all so they employ people with those relevant disciplines to advise and take carriage under guidance of the properly informed manager.

I see you have introduced many professions, disciplines and element experts into the argument. All will have an opinion but some will have more relevance than others. Climate science is like other aspects of science where definitive proof is required to 'convert' theories into fact. I contend there are few facts in climate science but also many theories and opinions. Your referenced paper simply provides a means of drawing the relevant facts together. It is inherent in this to put properly weighted facts into the equation not something a housewife espousing the item broke because it's too thin without any knowledge of the metal or material used.

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