Should Australia remain in the TPP?

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has flagged the possibility of China joining the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) after US President Donald Trump dumped the trade pact as one of his first acts in office.

Mr Turnbull said the TPP could continue without the United States and there was ‘potential’ for China to join it.

But would China’s membership benefit Australia? Or are we better off without the TPP?

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Lorikeet, I say again, I am NOT advocating the taking away of penalty rates. You have put a different slant on what I had said initially.

Yes, you did read correctly that some might suffer some loss over time. But that is based on correcting penalty rates to be contemporary of today's situation.

Also, as far as Australia's 'recovery' is concerned high wages is just part of the overall equation and trade barriers and tariffs, are as you say, another element. I have in the past called for a levelling of this playing field and to do so would, in my view, entail long overdue adjustments to penalty rates. I too would like to see us manufacturing again with an initial aim for self sufficieny: to me this is a basic strategic imperative.

Anonymous, there is a very long list of excellent reasons for people demanding a Royal Commission into banks, and a review of the superannuation system (global banks are involved in both). I suggest reading some of the international agreements covering trade and manufacturing. The reason some people may think I am obsessed could be because they are so slow on the uptake regarding important issues involving our retirement savings, and the government's unwillingness to tax the super-rich or pay down foreign debt. All of these things compromise our standard of living, national sovereignty and financial future.

Look out Bob B, you are putting a target on yourself.
Weg has a pattern of being supportive of conservatives, but persistantly targets those who dare to challenge his party's actions and policies.
As a fellow conservative, Weg presumes your support even when he overreaches, and waffles. He doesn't appreciate that others have the sense to see though his alt right propaganda.
While I voted for this government, he labels me just because I choose to condemn the mistakes and lack of planning that plague Turnbull's government. You could be next!

Lorikeet, just because I criticise this government that I voted for, does not make me left wing. I object to being labelled. What does it matter how I vote, surely it should matter what I say?
This blog invites comments from seniors on various topics. It doesn't ask bloggers to describe other contributor's political affiliations, yet you and Weg feel the need to do so.
Well I am here to tell you that I am a disaffected Liberal, extremely disappointed at the chaos that was Abbott, and more disappointed in the ditherer Turnbull. I am likely still a Liberal, but reserve the right to comment on the shortcomings of our current government. And there are many.
That does not make me a Labor or Greens supporter, or even left wing. If you read my comments you will see that I can't tolerate incompetence, ignorance, or inadequacy. Unfortunately our current Liberal government fits all three descriptions. That is the opinion of this Liberal voter.

Weg is right. Lorikeet shows more common sense than him. At least most of Lorikeets input is logical and researched. She still worries me with her obsession with banks and the UN, but she speaks from the heart, and gives us her opinion and not some cut and pasted Liberal propaganda.

Common sense and knowledge usually overcome WEG's bias and generalisations so I reckon he (or she, as Lorikeet says) only posts on the blog to provoke a response. WEG's comments add nothing to sensible discussion and if ignored he/she would probably go away. When we bite at the abuse we simply feed his/her need for attention but it's hard to let nonsense go by, so I'll add my teeth-marks again simply by replying.

Others have outlined reasoned arguments why the TPP was a poor deal for Australia and how Trump pulling out actually did us a favour. Sensible comments without personal abuse or criticism. In fact, no comments about other bloggers at all. It would help if WEG could give a source or two to back up his opinions without the usual negative stuff about people he doesn’t agree with. This is about ideas, not personalities. But given the need for attention, I don’t expect anything to change soon. BG.

Hi Bob B. I've certainly hit the mark without fail as usual. As usual I see the tribe have all jump on the band wagon without exception. Quite funny really. I'm not sure why you've included yourself in the 'collective' as you've always make good sense in my opinion.

Has anyone stopped to consider that the government and the media could be deliberately manipulating people so that their minds are too caught up in this "mindless, tiresome waffle" to understand what is really happening?

I would have picked Maggie as primarily a Labor or even Greens supporter, as her input is loaded with left wing ideologies, but will admit that they are progressively being adopted by conservatives whenever it suits global agendas.

Our manufacturing industries will never become competitive while we are pole-axed by tariffs being imposed by the third world under the false guise of "free trade agreements". In the old days, we had a thriving economy and powerful unions which looked after workers. I'm amazed that people older than myself have been indoctrinated so heavily, they have forgotten the facts.

With the Chinese buying up our agricultural, building and manufacturing interests (remember they also purchased Cubbie Station with a full crop of cotton in the field), soon at least some Australians will see the significance of the question I posed towards the beginning of the topic thread:

"Does the only truly free trade have no competition?"

Picture this: We import lots of goods from China. China exports a lot of its Australian made products through its control of our ports. Who benefits? Them or us?

Just a little "heads up" for those who are thinking of supporting Cory Bernardi. While at first I was glad he was breaking away from the increasing number of socially backsliding politicians in his midst, my hopes were deflated when I heard that Gina Rinehart (in cahoots with the Chinese) was his backer.

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