Should Sam Dastyari resign?

Former prime minister John Howard says Labor Senator Sam Dastyari should leave parliament.

Mr Howard also accused Opposition Leader Bill Shorten of protecting the embattled Senator Dastyari because he relies on his factional support.

Mr Shorten has refused to call on Senator Dastyari to resign from the Senate or the Labor Party.

Senator Dastyari is reported to have told Chinese Communist Party-aligned donor, Huang Xiangmo that his phone might be tapped, a move which has been widely condemned.

Should Senator Dastyari resign?

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Even if the Coalition has finally managed to pay down a small percentage of Australia's vast foreign debt (after ramping it up first), this is nothing to write home about.

No doubt most of the money has been squeezed out of Centrelink clients via:

1. Punitive changes to the Assets Test in January 2017, resulting in loss of pension.
2. Pension increases that would barely buy a cool drink on a hot summer's day once a week.
3. Denying sick people access to a Disability Support Pension.
4. No useful increase in Newstart Allowance for more than 20 years.

In the corporate sector:

1. Poor value for money.
2. Very low interest rates.
3. Ripoffs occurring due to deregulation.
4. Difficulty obtaining refunds and service.
5. Ongoing closure of shops and offices.

If this whole Dastyari fiasco has taught us anything, it is that politicians are greedy, and their votes and opinions can be shaped or even purchased by political donations.
Am I alone in thinking that this is not new? Or that the practice of votes for sale is not rife amongst our elected representatives? I think not.But don't be fooled into thinking that Dastyari is alone in accepting cash for comment or votes. The IOF, FIFA, and many other organisations have been exposed for cash for vote bribery. And our parliament is chock full of politicians who receive money from unions, business, overseas, lobby groups, think tanks etc. Believe me, these groups are buying votes, yet our pollies say they are representing us! Only a RC will uncover the extent of corruption in our parliaments!

Weg 20 December, I was not repeating what you said. You got it wrong, and I was pointing out the difference. The correct numbers are:
Union: 7 - Thompson, Mallia, O’Grady, Noonan, Zelinsky, Kearney, Setches
Employer: 6 – McDonald, Kennedy, Smith, Beynon, Milner, Wawm.
Independents: 2 – Dunne, Edwards
For the record, on 14 December you quoted 7 Master Builders, 9 union and 2 independent Directors. You are aware that alternate Directors have no power unless authorised to fill in for absent Directors? So according to the CBUS website list of Directors, you erred with the numbers of both union and employer Directors. So my response is factual, and your accusation is baseless. Again!

Weg continues to make outlandish accusations about Industry Super Funds without evidence of any kind. As I have stated in this blog, if unions were defraudng money from members funds for union purposes, the TURC would have found evidence and AFP would have charged them by now. The fact is, there is no fraud, no evidence and no crime.
Now he cites CBUS as being dominated by union directors, but even basic research would show he botched his figures here too. While he accuses others on the blog of poor research, his own comments ar so easily disproved. If I was him I would be embarassed at being constantly corrected . A little knowledge is a dangerous thing especially in Weg's hands.

Lorikeet, you don't seem to understand the word profits. Superannuation profits are the balance left after expenses are deducted from income. In the case of Super Funds, these profits are taxed at special rates of taxation.
Like I said, once this has happened, the balance (or profits) are distributed to members in Industry Super Funds. But retail funds split the profits between members and their (banks and insurance companies) shareholders. If you have any evidence that this is not so, feel free to share it. But please back it up too!
I have just stated the facts. My view is, why would anyone invest their money in retail funds, when they make 1-2% less every year than the Industry Funds.

Weg, 19.12.17. Again you use Hockeys 2013 MYEFO projection to deflect blame from the current government to Labor. Joe guesstimated that debt would reach $667B in 10 years from 2013. Joe's guesstimate was discredited and he was subsequently sacked for incompetence. The government since 2013 has been Liberal, so they are the ones racking up our debt. So your accusation is wrong.

As for the improved debt position, government debt is still rising, and not one cent has been paid off the debt. Morrison said the debt increase will not be as big ($23m less) than previously estimated. So government debt is rising, NOT falling under YOUR Liberals. You just don't understand basic finance.

Contribute by all means, but please at least do some basic research before rushing to print. By publishing half-truths and guesswork, you are only showing how little you understand. But keep contributing, at least I am enjoying the comedy.

You certainly don’t give up mh! Do you even understand the scope of what Foreign Interference/Influence Legislation is all about mh? I certainly doubt it when you talk in terms of Chinese and donations.

Why not put into google the following parameters “enhance existing espionage, secrecy, treason, sabotage and related offences”.

Dastyari may have been ‘caught up’ if this legislation was in force.

Even Lorikeet in her final Christmas cheer and in her words of wisdom suggest a certain tiresome nativity on your behalf. Even so I enjoy the banter.

Maggie H, your views on superannuation are just as extreme as WEG's, if not more so.

To say that all of the profits of Industry Super Funds go to members is very naive, as is your contention that all profits from retail funds go to shareholders.

I once had some money in a retail fund and I was definitely not a shareholder of the bank I lodged it with.

People need to start doing their own thinking, instead of continually falling victim to idiot box indoctrination. For example, just because someone is deemed to be an "independent director" of an organisation does not mean that they are.

Our politicians also pretend they are working for Australians, when something quite the opposite is true.

It’s good to note from the latest MYEFO Treasury figures that the projected $667 Billion debt derived from RGR/Labor devestating Debt era has now turned the corner. A tough job but it has been done. I’ll let tc and mh google to their heart’s content to inform us Seniors of the new figure (a clue - less than $580 Billion). Best they report lest I make another mistake in their opinion!!

Why repeat what I said mh? Just another limp response as usual. Your inability to pick up on the salient point of any debate continues to be both yours and tc’s biggest weakness. Go figure.

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