Should Sam Dastyari resign?

Former prime minister John Howard says Labor Senator Sam Dastyari should leave parliament.

Mr Howard also accused Opposition Leader Bill Shorten of protecting the embattled Senator Dastyari because he relies on his factional support.

Mr Shorten has refused to call on Senator Dastyari to resign from the Senate or the Labor Party.

Senator Dastyari is reported to have told Chinese Communist Party-aligned donor, Huang Xiangmo that his phone might be tapped, a move which has been widely condemned.

Should Senator Dastyari resign?

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If you can’t spell Mathias Cormann correctly tc it means you’ll need to improve on your cut and paste technique or give up on your self appointed critic role.

As you’ve blatantly pointed out on numerous occasions, quite emotively, pungently and without any basis or conviction, why don’t you produce the evidence? Go figure.

He said he would not return to the Senate in February. Are we pay him until then? I suspect so as it is consistent with the me me me tag.

Thank heavens Dastyari is gone. While he did not break any laws, he certainly displayed a greed and lack of morals, not worthy of our elected representatives. He deserved his fate.But we must learn from this.
ASIO warned last year, that our two major parties, and many individual politicians are also on the take from Huang and other Chinese government-linked businessmen and women.What are those politicians on the take giving to the Chinese to warrant such large payments. Are there other donations happening through think tanks and "non-political" organisations. All of this money being paid to politicians comes with a big stink. It is time to bring in an exterminator.

Dastyari is not the only one to take money from Huang Xiangmo. A full and public inquiry is called for, as Huang Xiangmos donations are only one of many coming from overseas, and especially from China. Does this explain the bizarre decisions that this government makes.The government condemned Dastyari for taking this bribe money, but they say it is ok for them to do the same! WT?
We should also investigate what the political donations from the oil companies, the mining companies, the poker machine clubs, the banks etc are paying for. These big companies are paying massive donations to our political parties, and they expect bang for their buck. So bring on an investigation into what our politicians are doing to earn these bribes.

WEG 08 DEC. 2017

"Unions now control $550 Billion and SG streams)"

Correction: members control their superannuation funds. There are moves to change the balance of trustees - however I would prefer a very efficient and knowledgeable trustee to a political appointee if that makes a difference in the end benefits of members.

For reference Industry Funds are currently better performers than public funds (compare equal with equal).

The Chinese have been caught. Dastyari has been caught. No coincidence. Dastyari did not admit any problem, neither did Shorten as he only said the whole affair was only a distraction!

The Public wanted an admission. If you’re innocent you don’t just resign.

China’s persuasions exists everywhere and their recent strong language suggests Turnbull’s foreign interference legislation is just testing our resolve. Seems to me Labor has also fallen foul to these covert undertakings as their political alignment is more left/socialist. It will be interesting to see how Labor and their coalition party, the Greens vote.

Pressure from the Labor leader and deputy have produced the inevitable and Sam Dastyari has fallen on his sword and resigned.
Dastyari is not the only one to have accepted money from this Chinese person, he is just the one whose mistakes have been widely published. Matthias Corrmann is one of the Liberals who have accepted serious dollars from this Chinese person. The rot has to stop, and a complete investigation carried out to see what each of the recipients gave in return for the bribe.
The question has to be asked how confidential recordings from ASIO made it into the media, and thee will not be any investigation into that leak for sure. In any case, Dastyari has gone, and now we can start looking for more pollies to reveal their secret dealings with the Chinese. Turnbull should call an enquiry immediately.

He should be sacked - he has a thick skin and will not resign voluntarily.
Sleeping with the enemy???
Please refer to the Christine Keeler / John Profumo scandal in the UK. Profumo lied to the House of Commons, denying any impropriety with Keeler, but was later forced to quit in disgrace,

Only a question of time for this Christmas gift to Turnbull.

If the truth is known, the Australian government gave approval to selling us out to Asia at the end of World War II. Numerous politicians have been involved in this sellout, including the Mandarin speaking Kevin Rudd, champion of the Chinese government.

Sam Dastyari is just the fall guy being used to wind up Australian hatred of treasonous politicians, and once the fall guy has paid the piper, they will expect us to believe they are running a pro-Australian agenda. Pull the other one, it plays "Jingle Bells". Very apt at Christmas.

You wanna bet..........
Anyone whom Bill Shorten protects is not worth saving...........

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