Should Sam Dastyari resign?

Former prime minister John Howard says Labor Senator Sam Dastyari should leave parliament.

Mr Howard also accused Opposition Leader Bill Shorten of protecting the embattled Senator Dastyari because he relies on his factional support.

Mr Shorten has refused to call on Senator Dastyari to resign from the Senate or the Labor Party.

Senator Dastyari is reported to have told Chinese Communist Party-aligned donor, Huang Xiangmo that his phone might be tapped, a move which has been widely condemned.

Should Senator Dastyari resign?

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You wanna bet..........
Anyone whom Bill Shorten protects is not worth saving...........

NSW left Linda Burney, Catherine King and Plibersek have come out strongly and lampooned Sam Dastyari for his misdemeanours, a huge blow for Shorten. BTW, where is Bill - lost in the foray? Where’s his leadership?

This scandal has rekindled the old Labor left/right faction fight in NSW and reminds all Australians of the wide spread corruption of the previous Labor Governments.

Albanese is keeping his nose clean (lacks courage) and does not want to upset Keneally’s chances in the Bennelong bi election. No guts, no glory.

Sam Dastyari is the first of our elected officials to be revealed as accepting money from Chinese officials. Now a former Liberal Minister under Abbott is facing similar accusations from his own former colleagues. Political parties have accepted these donations for decades.
This is just the tip of the iceberg, and brings into question, not just foreign political donations, but all political donations. Other nations and big business do not give money to political parties without expected a return. Favourable government decisions are purchased from political parties by the use of campaign donations. All parties do it and all are guilty. I bet neither Labor nor Liberals will be game to call an RC into political donations. It will make the citizenship debacle look like a grain of sand on the beach.

It doesn't take much for Weg to twist the subject from the actions of Dastyari, into his usual grossly inaccurate tirade against Industry Super Funds.Again he makes completely false assertions that unions control these funds and siphon peoples super for union purposes.
Weg makes these acusations every week, but never provides an ounce of evidence. And this is because there is none, just Liberal smear campaigns. Indeed, if what he said had an ounce of truth, charges would have been laid 20 years ago! Our Industry Funds are worlds best practice, and envied by OECD nations, for their low costs, and high returns, and superior management.

And yet as we wait even more comes out about this cretins mischievous activity. How much more can there be?

A true test for Shorten and Labor is what they intend to do about it. WE are all watching Bill, you are under pressure like never before.

I consider Sam Dastyari should be removed from both the Senate and the Labour Party he is not fit to represent this Country what so ever. If this behaviour had occurred in China and it was exposed he would be considered a traitor to this nation.

Absolutely he should

Absolutely he should

Yes, Sam Dastyari should be removed from the parliament, and he should also be tried for treason.

Dastyari primary role within Labor was to grow the Chinese funding/donations, seemingly at any cost. Another was Labor’s attack dog on the Financial institutions, mainly the Banks.

The ALP/Union Industry Funds create their success in the financial sector (Unions now control $550 Billion and SG streams) by attacking the commercial viability of our own banking sector, the same Banks that saved Australia from the GFC.

The banksaren’tsuper TV adv. is a disgraceful ALP Medicare style lie. The SMSF sector will be the next. Dastyari knows no shame and it will good to see his back.

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