Should Sam Dastyari resign?

Former prime minister John Howard says Labor Senator Sam Dastyari should leave parliament.

Mr Howard also accused Opposition Leader Bill Shorten of protecting the embattled Senator Dastyari because he relies on his factional support.

Mr Shorten has refused to call on Senator Dastyari to resign from the Senate or the Labor Party.

Senator Dastyari is reported to have told Chinese Communist Party-aligned donor, Huang Xiangmo that his phone might be tapped, a move which has been widely condemned.

Should Senator Dastyari resign?

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As well as the recent Dastyari activity being exposed, also exposed on Sky News last night is an ongoing trail over a number of years of specific questions (over 100) asked by him across a range of portfolios all designed to provide information to China through it's operatives. I'm not inclined to claim treason yet as not enough is understood about this scurrilous activity at best. His time will come and the sooner the better. He will not resign though as that is not in his DNA so Shorten will have to push and he doesn't want to do that because of Dastyai's 'status' as a so called numbers man and fund provider. The ultimate numbers man in recent times, Richo, must be shuddering to be aligned with him through the political party.

I don't think that Sam Dastyari will have any friends on this blog with the revelations of his misdoings. In my opinion, he has burnt his bridges, and deserves being sacked from his positions in Labor. While there is no suggestion of any illegal activity, his ethics are in ruins, and his loyalty is completely discredited.

While he can't legally be removed as a senator, he should do the honourable thing and resign. The only trouble is that he is not honourable, aand apparently serves in parliament for personal gain and not the betterment of Australians. I am not suggesting that he is alone in these nefarious activities, there are many of his ilk in our parliament. But he is the one whose activites have been revealed, so if he has any moral fibre or guts, he would quit and make way for someone who genuinely wants to serve the Australian public.

Based on what I've read, yes.

Yes, he has had more chances than he deserves. If he had any honour he would go. He has been relieved of his party appointments by Shorten, it is just a shame that he can't also be kicked out of parliament. By the way, he is not the only one doing this, he was just the only one stupid enough to get far! Watch this space.

Dastyari went to the well once too often. He should have gone well before now but his mate Shorten is vainly holding out. Labor is loosing it’s political advantage over this affair. You can’t fool the people all the time especially when allegiance to country is in question.

Oh yes, he must go. He sold Australia down the drain with his comments re the South China Sea activity. He has received payments personally to 'endear' himself to the Chinese businessman (spy, maybe). He has been compromised and there is no room for such players in our parliament. It makes dual citizenship pale in significance.

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