Should Tony Abbott quit politics?

Former Prime Minister Tony Abbott has been criticising the Federal Government again, prompting calls for his resignation from politics.

Long-serving Federal MP Warren Entsch said the criticisms by Mr Abbott in a recent newspaper opinion piece and on radio, show he should quit or risk being remembered as a ‘spoiler’.

Mr Abbott has called on the government to change several policies, including cutting renewable energy subsidies, making more changes to the Senate, and abolishing the Safe Schools program aimed at protecting gay and transgender children from bullying.

Do you think Mr Abbott is is engaging in a ‘spoiler’ tactics against Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, perhaps with the aim of having himself reinstated as leader? Or are his criticisms justified?

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I would also like to challenge the idea that politicians need to be "team players". When I vote for someone, I expect him or her to act in the best interests of Australians, not vote with a team of "yes people" for fear of being forced out.

I agree with Derryn Hinch when he says there should be absolutely no horse trading.

Fellow bloggers still don't seem to understand the way things work. We do not live in a democracy and probably never have. The person selected to be Prime Minister is charged with the responsibility of delivering a specific set of policies to achieve an increasingly anti-Australian agenda. Tony Abbott pushed a mostly rotten set of policies as far as he could and then Liberals switched leaders so they could blame the rot on the ex-PM.

Year after year, we are subjected to deliberate lies and hypocrisy on the part of the Prime Minister and the Opposition Leader, no matter who they are. When will the people finally wake up and understand that we don't need either of these parties running the nation?

Australia has to have a united team in Government, I is hard enough getting good policy through the Senate all be it for Abbott to cause more disharmony. Abbott should put his ideas up in the party room for his colleges to vote for or against. Abbott must accept the decision.
I he can not use the party room to put his point of view forward, then he must go.

As he has said himself it's not what you say but the perception of it. What he said carries a community sentiment and needs to be heeded by Turnbull and Co. But, just how has it been perceived?

Many believe it's malice and it seems the Coalition pollies are taking it that way. That being the case we can expect the ALP to make use of it and whatever the ALP do in this respect will be seen as a winner.

For the good of good government in Australia this has to stop. We are suffering badly from the current disconnected political culture that has developed. This type of situation is why the ALP languished in opposition for many years running up the Whitlam's term.

If Abbott can't control himself and be seen as a team player he should go. Just maybe he will be 'tipped' out through the pre-selection process.

If Tony Abbott has to go, so do most of the people sitting in the federal parliament. I want a parliament which is pro-Australia. I think Tony Abbott is wise to oppose the Safe Schools Program which we are told is aimed at protecting gay and transgender children from bullying, but actually goes a lot further in a direction that is socially unhealthy.

Although I haven't liked a lot of the policies pushed by the Abbott government, I think Malcolm Turnbull is a much worse leader with much worse values.

Tony Abbott is doing to PM Turnbull exactly what Kevin Rudd did to PM Gillard. Both resented being rolled by their parties, and instead of accepting the democratic vote, decided to de-stabilise the leadership even if it cost the Liberal’s government.
If Abbott genuinely wants to change the Liberal Party's direction, he should be promoting his ideas within the party room. He then needs to accept the majority wishes.
The fact that he has resorted to megaphone diplomacy to openly criticise his own party, shows that he is not willing to accept the democratic processes which formulate party policies. He needs to quit while he is behind. I never did like Abbott because he lied and schemed to become PM, and he is prepared to be a traitor to his party for purely personal reasons. His own ambition has blinded him, and he just can't get over the fact that his colleagues booted him out because he was incompetent as PM.

Tony Abbott still doesn’t get it. He failed to listen to the people and the people rejected him in droves. His own party then rejected him and his ideas. Yet he sees fit to dictate policy to the new PM.

When defeated, Abbott stated that he would not swipe from the sidelines, or white-ant the incoming PM, as Rudd did. Yet he has done precisely that and is now regularly berating the government via right wing shock jocks Hadley and Bolt. He lied.

Abbott and his supporters need to get over themselves. Neither the public nor the Liberals will contemplate a return to Abbott. His constant attacks only serve to destabilise our government. His motivation is personal, he wants to be PM again.

Yesterday’s man Abbott should do all of us a favour and leave. His bitter attacks show that he is not a team player, and won’t accept the will of his party and the voting public. If he can't support his leader, he should get a real job.

Yes I think he should quit.

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