Is Tony Abbott out to damage the Federal Government?

Tony Abbott this week called for Australia to withdraw from the Paris Agreement on climate change.

He said on Tuesday the ‘best thing’ Australia could do now was pull out of the agreement he signed up to as prime minister three years ago.

In June, US President Donald Trump announced the United States was withdrawing from the 2015 Paris Agreement.

"If we had known then what we know now about America’s withdrawal about the economic damage that renewable energy would do to our power system and to our industries, we would never have signed up," Mr Abbott told Sky News.

"And now that we do know, we should get out, simple as that."

Foreign Minister Julie Bishop has said Australia should stick to the agreements it signs.

Mr Abbott has denied his comments were an attempt to damage Malcolm Turnbull's Government but many in politics and the public remain unconvinced, particularly with the ‘Super Saturday’ byelections looming on 28 July.

Is Tony Abbott still trying to damage the Turnbull government?

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Nanna K, the following reveals the divident paid to the QLD gov by electricty entities last fin year as nearly $1.5 B. They are graciously paying each household $100 over two years.

There are 5 million people in Qld with about 2.4 per house. Where is my fair share!

This does not compute. But, they need the money for budgetary purposes. What alternatives have they for income I wonder.

Today a major supermarket chain paid me 3 cents for bringing 3 reusable bags with me. What an insult!

Some words to the wise: When you are emailed a list of your commonly bought products on special, please be aware that it usually contains at least 1 product which is similar to the one you normally purchase but at a much higher price. Another interesting outcome is that when you purchase one of your preferred products on special, it may not be on special at all!

Today I bought this product (food) which is mostly purchased by older people. It came through on the email as a preferred product at half the normal price. I wonder how many realised they were paying twice as much as the advertised price.

Did anyone notice the latest furphy, quote ......“energy prices skyrocketed 130% between 2015 and 2017.” Get real!
One needs to call out these ridiculous assertions when they’re made. Just consider the following facts

C02 tax legislation was reversed in 2015 and was reflected immediately in the reduced retail energy pricing.
Usage kWh rates on my energy accounts during that period went up 33%. Fact not fiction.

Maybe the individual energy usage went up, ie the lights were on but no one was home.

Hi NannaKay. Mh has explained this phenomenon some years ago. It’s her mum in Victoria.

Your right with QLD. It is State owned. It is the biggest producer of energy by coal power and supplies the national grid on the eastern seaboard and that of S Aust as well. Whilst producing cheap coal power it used high national energy pricing parity to fleece energy consumers over the last 4 or so years at the expense of all consumers. Go figure that one.

Nannakay. I am not responsible for what people post on this site or in what order. I leave that to the moderator. I don't know why you look for conspiracies.
On looking at the two posts you refer to, I note that my post is a rebuttal of Weg's statement. Anonymous appears to be taking issue with the media and governments. Bu I agree with him or her anyway.
I am well aware of the Queensland energy situation as I live here and am a victim of the government monopoly wholesaling power at inflated prices. The ACC report specifically addresses the NSW and Qld power issues. Try reading it instead of taking me to task for having an opinion.

Yes and I firmly hope that that he succeeds

A report is a report, is a report, like so many others. The ACCC is not to be trusted as it is an instrument of government. It has a long track record of not fixing lots of things and the excuse is always underfunding. This tells us that the government does not want anything fixed, which is a comment on both sides of the parliament.

Maggie H: You know I find it absolutely fascinating that every time you post your comments, the very next posting is from "Anonymous", but effectively saying the same thing. Do you have 2 bites at once? One under your name and the other anonymous? Not a crime, but interesting. Just curious.

BTW I believe that in Qld the State government (Labor) owns most of the power generators, and the transmission lines. Private companies just market the power. And there is little competition. That exacerbates the situation.

I have read the ACCC report summary and am astounded that it differs so much from what is reported in some media. It is obvious that the media are only reporting those findings that support the political leanings of their owners.
Rather than vindicate the stance of former PM Tony Abbott as one reader suggests, there are findings that blame him. But he is not alone.
Both Labor and Liberal state governments share a lot of the blame with PMs past and present. To put it mildly, they have all stuffed up.I thoroughly recommend that seniors read the report for themselves. It highlights the failings of successive governments state and federal.
Now the smoke is cleared on why energy prices have soared, it remains to be seen whether our state and federal governments are game to implement the recommendations. I am not hopeful.

Seniors should be careful not to accept some peoples versions of the ACCC report on energy. Some are cherry picking the findings for political point scoring. Right Weg?
The whole ACCC Report (and executive summary) is available to read on the ACCC site. Seniors read these to see what the multiple causes for energy prices to skyrocket 130% between 2015 and 2017.
A main reason was that energy supply and distributions was privatised, creating geographic wholesale monopolies. The new private owners profits have soared at the expense of energy users like us. Another main reason is the uncertainty in federal energy policy. Companies are reluctant to invest billions when government policy is unclear or non-existent.
All up there are over 50 recommendations from the ACCC to lower energy costs. All of these need to be looked at seriously.
The smart seniors will ignore the political cherry pickers and look at the whole picture and see the fault of all sides of state and federal politics.

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