What is your 'must see' destination in 2018?

Travel bible Lonely Planet has named Australia’s national capital, Canberra, number three in the world’s best Top 10 Cities for travel in 2018.

The national capital was named for its many cultural attractions, including the Australian War Memorial, which will be centre stage next year for the centenary commemorations of the WWI Armistice.

Canberra became Lonely Planet’s highest listing for an Australian city, with Fremantle and Hobart both having placed seventh in 2016 and 2013 respectively.

Seville in Spain was named top of the list of cities to visit in 2018, followed by Detroit, USA, with Canberra third and Hamburg, Germany, fourth.

But critics have called into question the choices, given Detroit’s high crime rate and that other Australian cities, including Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane were, ignored.

What is your ‘must see’ destination In 2018?


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Thanks for your suggestions. I have already read NannaKay's link in recent weeks, and it is indeed very tricky. I didn't find anything there that was of much use to me.

When I booked 2 tours with National Seniors Travel, I just bought the travel insurance they recommended. It said I was covered for cancellations, but in the fine print, it said it didn't cover insolvency. Consequently Cerberus would not pay out a brass razoo. They wouldn't even refund the premiums paid, even though one of the tours was booked 12 months in advance. The reason given was that they had already been "on-risk" for a few weeks.

Lorikeet: I discovered this site today. It lists those travel insurance companies that cover insolvency. But I gather you still have to be careful re the restricted meaning of the word "insolvency". You would need to look carefully at the Product Disclosure Statement associated with each insurance cover offered.


We tend to travel with long-established companies, cruise lines and airlines to minimise the risk of it all falling apart. But you can never be 100% sure! Hope this helps.

I agree with travel insurance suggestions by Bob and Nannakay. ifyou just want domestic travel insurance, you can buy an annual policy reasonable cheaply. As Nannaka says, get some quotes. Covermore, NRMA, Allianz, Bupa, Southern Cross are all reliable providers. You can always google compare travel insurance for hints. I always find that googling reviews of the product can be a guide to any flaws in the product, as disgruntled customers love to share info about bad products or service. There is no excuse for losing a single cent of travel booking money.

Same same NannaKay. Last trip saw my wife in hospital in Siem Reap Cambodia. International standard hospital. We were refunded all but the $200 excess. The hotel even provided a car for every trip to and from the hospital. I checked Choice and went with little known firm Good2Go for very well priced travel insurance.

NannaKay, if you read my comments below, you will realise that some of the people affected by the insolvency had travel insurance, but it did not protect them.

Lorikeet: Wise travellers take out travel insurance! We always do, although as my husband is in his 80s, the cost is high. Be sure to get several quotes! We favour Virgin Money - we've had a very satisfactory outcome when we had to cancel, and their rates are pretty good (do it online). We had to cancel a few years ago due to urgent surgery for my husband, and we got back every penny!

Everyone has diffent perspectives and different expectations when they holiday, so we will all have our own favourite destinations to holiday.
Personally, I favour the Whitsundays in Australia, or Ireland or the Lakes District of the UK for my overseas favourites. Having said that, Uluru, the Murray, Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra and Margaret River are also rated highly. Most of these places were lovely to visit, and had numerous attractions and activities. As with many of my favourites, they are lovely places to visit, but I would not like to live in them permanently.

I have been to Canberra several times as I have family there. I think it is a reasonable place to spend a holiday, as there are lovely picnic places and tourist attractions. You can take a cruise around Lake Burleigh Griffin. I have visited the Mint and Australian War Memorial which really requires more than one visit to fully appreciate. Since the government built a large international airport in Canberra a few years ago, the number of tourist attractions has probably increased.

Eureka, since deregulation of the travel industry, tour companies no longer have to keep the money you paid for your tour in a trust account. They can "fund raise" from seniors at the end of the financial year to pay off their secured creditors and then go into liquidation, leaving prospective travellers with nothing. Possibly as a consequence of this deregulation, AFTA also no longer keeps a fund to reimburse people who have lost their money.

Most travel insurance policies do not insure against insolvency for travel within Australia. They insure against cancellations, but complete cancellation of your tour/s may not be included, as some of us have found out the hard way. Perhaps they don't want to pick up the tab for possible criminal activity.

I think the aim of deregulating the travel industry is to ensure people travel overseas. This would certainly be in keeping with the ongoing agenda to kneecap the Australian economy.

Lorikeet 26 October 2017

" due to the government deregulating the travel industry"
This is no nanny state where one expects the government to do everything from cradle to grave.
This is one of the reasons travel insurances exist!

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