Will Malcolm Turnbull lead the Coalition to the next election?

Malcolm Turnbull has rebuffed suggestions he will not be leading the Coalition to the next election.

His former deputy Barnaby Joyce this week suggested the Prime Minister should think about stepping down if opinion polls don’t improve by Christmas.

Mr Turnbull has suffered his 30th straight Newspoll loss, a benchmark he had used to topple Tony Abbott for the top job.

Can Mr Turnbull unify the Liberals and do you think he will lead the Coalition to the next election?

The latest possible date for a simultaneous half-Senate and House of Representatives election is May 18, 2019.


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I think Abbott was a highly successful Opposition Leader, but failed to adapt to the very different PM role. I supported Abbott's dumping and Turnbull's elevation top PM. But I have been very disappointed in his performance. A waffler, poor communicator, lazy, no principles, and far too left wing for my taste. Seems to get his policies from Lucy's left wing Grattan Institute. He has pushed Labor further towards the loony left. Labor no longer represents the worker - only the inner city latte Left.

So I think Turnbull will lead the Libs to the next election, but once again we will have a choice between bad (Turnbull) and worse (Shorten). Very depressing!

Like Lorikeet, I live in Peter Dutton's electorate. I have met him many times since he was first elected, and have always found him to be a really decent bloke who has always done his best for people in his electorate. I would like to see him as PM because he is one of the few who has the courage to say what he thinks, and to stick by his principles. He was targeted during the last election by CFMEU and criminal bikie club bullies, as well as by GetUp.

But I do know that he and Cormann are doing their best to keep Turnbull in place in the run-up to the next election so as not to repeat Labor's (or should I say Shorten's) Rudd/Gillard/Rudd fiasco.

Unfortunately Turnbull's policies are determined by wealthy lobby groups and opinion polls. The lack of economic planning of Tony Abbott is also a hallmark of Turnbull's team. By his own criteria, Turnbull should resign but he won't. Because like Abbott it has always been his ambition to be PM and he will sacrifice the future of our country for his own ambition. And our children and their children will pay for his profligate spending. He is not as bad as Abbott, he is worse.

Barnaby Joyce is a disgrace and should be languishing on the backbench saying Mea Culpas for his unethical and dishonest actions.
The last thing he should be doing is dispensing leadership advice to anyone. The best he can do is either contribute to the team or resign.
The same can be said for Tony Abbott. Since he was deposed and promised not to snipe from the sidelines, he has done nothing else.He cannot be trusted and while he still doesn't accept, his leadership ambitions are over.
I have no idea why the Liberals persist in whiteanting their own leader. All it does is wreck any credibility they may have garnered.
They have been so distracted during Abbott and Turnbull governments that they have taken their hands off the wheel a nd the economic car is careering towards a cliff.
For the country's sake Malcolm, at least try and save us from your increasing debt disaster with proper conservative policy and planning. There is still time.

Hi NannaKay. You have probably seen the latest press the ACTU/ISA statement that answers your previous Q? on ACTU/Union controlled Industry Superannuation Fund Sector and how imputation credits are dealt with.

They’re not impacted in the main as the ‘imputation credits are exhausted offsetting tax liabilities of the fund’. The statement incorrectly infers that most Superannuants are not impacted as 5 million Australians belong to an Industry Fund.

Labor/Union reforms are designed to essentially nationalise the Industry by eliminating competition.

My suggestion is to legislate that the 9.5% SG be directed to workers salaries forthwith. Industry Super Funds are designed to create ‘rivers of gold’ for the corrupt Union movement and not as ISA advertising suggest, to benefit members.

The ‘vacuous’ nature of some input to date exhibits the ineptitude of some Australians to interpret basic economic facts. Their inimical assessments are plainly wrong and mischievous.

PM Turnbull has overseen record new jobs/employment levels, excellent economic conditions by World standards, major infrastructure investment, strong borders, company tax cuts, etc, and there’s more on the scorecard.

The L & NP Coalition has even achieved a reduction in Labor’s Debt/Deficit levels forecasted by Treasury to rise to $637 Billion within 10 years post those disastrous Rudd/Gillard years of Government - and still we have the usual recalcitrants unwavering desire for political blood.

Human nature is found wanting once again through ignorance.

There’s an annual event called the ‘Pollie Pedal’ charity that the former PM has supported for most of its 21 years raising $Millions for charities.

Tony Abbott epitomises a real Australian, upfront and personal. Did you see the interview with our former PM and one of our return soldiers, an ambassador/veteran Todd Berry. Both these people highlight the Australian culture we’ve abandoned for the socialist Labor/Green nonsense.

Disclaimer: I’ve never voted for the former PM Abbott nor PM Turnbull.

When PM Abbott was replaced for spurious reasons, my comment at the time was “be careful what you wish for”. Furthermore, the only ‘lame duck’ as someone described the former PM is this person holding the bag full of ‘stale bread’ commentary.

Voters are more concerned that Shifty, Shabby Shorten will be the next PM. Shorten lack of integrity was acquired in his leadership roles within the corrupt Union movement and the 24/7 ‘getup’ style of media misrepresentation. Go figure.

If Malcolm Turnbull is replaced at all before the federal election, it will be by Scott Morrison (Treasurer), which will be a definite vote loser, almost guaranteeing a win for Labor.

Terry, I think a person could do worse than Peter Dutton as her representative. I have never found him to be obnoxious, but he certainly cannot do anything outside of his party's policy platform. At least he has a reasonable set of moral values, which cannot be said of the vast majority of our politicians.

But do I like his politics? A thousand times "No!"

Out and about, lots of people comment that "the country has gone to the dogs" or that "the world has gone mad". No one seems to be happy about anything.

The government wants to complain about the suicide rate, racial and religious prejudices, but the government is creating these problem itself and seems to hell bent on allowing its corporate mates to crush us.

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