Will Malcolm Turnbull lead the Coalition to the next election?

Malcolm Turnbull has rebuffed suggestions he will not be leading the Coalition to the next election.

His former deputy Barnaby Joyce this week suggested the Prime Minister should think about stepping down if opinion polls don’t improve by Christmas.

Mr Turnbull has suffered his 30th straight Newspoll loss, a benchmark he had used to topple Tony Abbott for the top job.

Can Mr Turnbull unify the Liberals and do you think he will lead the Coalition to the next election?

The latest possible date for a simultaneous half-Senate and House of Representatives election is May 18, 2019.


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Sorry to burst your bubble Weg 23.April, but TofC's use of descriptions of super funds is correct.
Both Industry Funds (member owned) and Retail Funds (predominantly bank owned) compete in the public superannuation funds space. These are distinct from the closed funds operated for public servants, Telstra and other similar employer funds. So his terms are right. I think you confuse the terms "public" funds and "Retail" Funds. This is an easy mistake for the ill-informed.
I also think you draw a long bow to suggest he is giving unqualified financial advice. Isn't he qualified or working in financial advice? I would hardly call his suggestion advice anyway. Telling us seniors to consult our financial planners to explore a way of retaining use of imputation credits seems to me to be helping us out. We be grateful for help, not dissing fellow seniors who are trying to contribute positive ideas.

Turnbull is now plotting an early election. This is because he gained 3 points in personal popularity and 1 point in the two party preferred with Newspoll.
This is disturbing for three reasons.
-the election is not due for another year,
-Turnbull promised to serve his full term, and
- the budget is to be packed with election sweeteners despite record debt.
What Australia needs is stability and economic leadership. With an early election plan exposed, the government will focus on re-election rather than managing the economy. Hang on, that's all they have done for 2 years!
Will Turnbull lead this rabble to the next election? Yes! Will it be early? I hope so! I have had enough of these amateurs increasing debt by rewarding the wealthy with generous tax concessions, taking token measures against tax dodging companies and rewarding campaign donors with government contracts and favourable treatment.
Bring an election on now! This government is embarrassing.

Duke makes a good assessment of the banking industry. Too bad his assessment of the Prime Minister and his party's chances of winning the next election are completely at odds with his inspired commentary regarding banks. We don't need a merchant banker running the country, or anybody else who is anti-Australian.

Well now Weg, who took the policy of a banking RC into the last election. I will tell you. It was Bill Shorten and Labor. Who was calling for an RC consistently for 2 years? Shorten that's who!
Turnbull revealed yesterday that he knew the extent of banking corruption 2 years ago. He also said it was not a great political policy to oppose an RC. He didn't have the guts to say he was plain wrong. But Barnaby Joyce did.
Admit it. Turnbull got it totally and hopelessly wrong. Now he wants to claim credit for it.

Weg.23.04.The terms Industry Funds and Retail funds are used in the superannuation business. Doing some research would have made this clear for you.

Statistics are available everywhere supporting my statement about the superior performance of Industry Funds over 25 years. Just google it. It is not hard. Retail Funds give profits to their shareholders. Industry Funds give profits back to members. Simple really and it is why Industry Funds are so popular.

As for your comments re me giving unqualified advice. Rubbish. My post of 27 March revealed my strategy for using dividend imputation credits. It specifically stated in my last para that people should get aprofessional financial advice before doing anything. Readmy post of 23 March properly before engaging in cheap stunts

Mr Turnbull is a very intelligent businessman and banker who has risen to the top job in Australia. There is no one better to lead this country for the next 5 years and I have confidence in his ability to pull his rank and file members together to win he next election. In relation to the Royal Commission on Banking, it has only scratched through the skin of the epidemic of malfeasance permeating through our biggest banks. The most horrible stories lie with the many Australian small business owners and home owners who have been steamrolled by bully boy tactics used by the banks when collecting their debts and foreclosing on people's homes. Their policy to is to grab what security they can and leave the debtor with nothing to fight back with. The collections staff in the banks at senior level are nothing more than "Thugs in Pin-striped Suits". This malady in the banks must be addressed now!

As far as I'm concerned, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) is just another corrupt banking organisation which is keen to redistribute Australian funds to other nations in the form of bailout packages.

I do not believe Terry's assertion that Industry Super Funds return all of the profits to members. Instead I have little trust of any banking institution, no matter what it chooses to call itself, and no trust whatsoever of the major parties or the Greens. In more recent times, my level of trust has dipped many points below zero.

The ongoing problem with foreign debt has been deliberately orchestrated according to the tenets of global flattening. Anyone who still does not understand that a Global Corporate Neo-communist Regime is being developed has missed the boat and unlikely to catch the next one.

Hi tc. Another correction. Union owned/controlled Industry Superannuation Funds also compete in your so called ‘Retail Funds’ Sector. Go figure. Have you any info on their performance? Also performance over 25 years is such a irrational statement. Look up MTAA for example.

Well hullo anonymous 20/4. Who voted against a RC into the Banks in 2015. The answer obviously escapes you. Shorten and the now infamous, resigned in disgraced, Sam Dastyari. Go figure.

Hi tc 20/4. I suggested you provided ‘unqualified financial advice’ and absolutely nothing about the point you raised as being wrong. Now I can say it with validity - you’re wrong again tc.
PS: I disagree with your ‘unqualified financial advice’. Can’t be any clearer than that.

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