Will Mr Turnbull lead the government to the next election?

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has reshuffled his Cabinet and his government’s one seat majority has been secured by John Alexander’s win in the Bennelong by-election.

Gay marriage has been passed into law and Labor’s Sam Dastyari has said he will not return to the Senate next year.

The outlook for the government in 2018 should be looking up, but 25 successive opinion polls would indicate otherwise.

Although voters still prefer Mr Turnbull  as prime minister to Opposition Leader Bill Shorten, do you think this will last?

Or has Australia had enough of leadership spills and instability? 

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Turnbull without doubt has been the worst Prime Minister this country has had in the last 40 years.

Together with his treasurer Morrison they have waged war against pensioners, superannuants, and retirees like a social security Blitzkrieg.

Unfortunately Labor has done nothing to dispel any doubts they won't follow along the same path.

Turnbull should go before the next election but his replacement in the form of Julie Bishop will see the country go from the frying pan into the fire.

Keep politics (and religion) out of Australian Seniors...please ! Publicly debating these two topics detract from Seniors a being seen as wise and mature.

Eureka, thanks for suggesting I could be made a saint. I wonder what prompted this change of heart.

Lorikeet 08 Jan 2018
"Malcolm Turnbull will get handed the "dunce's cap" for legalising Same Sex Marriage"

Australia voted YES - 61.6% NO - 38.4%. Either we live in a democracy or we take the alternative route: Zimbabwe, Myanmar,Venezuela el al

The government's job is to lead this country to a future prosperity while at the same time lifting the "have-nots" out of poverty. Not what happens in the bed-rooms - leave that to Penny Wong,Warren Entsch ,Dean Smith and billy Jean-king.

To achieve progress requires vision and currently Bill Shorten and his mob cannot be seen to be the alternative government - they still live in the last century.

Many like me prefer Turnbull to Shorten, and this is reflected in the polls. But many prefer Labor to the laughing stock currently in power. The premise is that anyone, even Labor can do better than the incumbents. This is also reflected in the polls.

Unless someone can unite the Liberals, and the Nationals, and get them both on the same page, Turnbull will remain til the next election. If they depose him, Turnbull will leave politics, and there is every chance his seat will be lost and with it their majority. Abbott and other opponents know this, and will whiteant him, but not depose him.

Besides this, there is no competent challenger capable of uniting the Liberal Party to get the numbers to challenge. So the infighting will continue, the whiteanting also. This will be reflected in poor polling indefinitely.

Heaven help us if Peter Dutton ever becomes PM as suggested by Lorikeet. This thoughtless heartless individual is a worse choice than Shorten, Turnbull or Abbott. He is of course part of the extreme right and while promoted to the super ministry of Home Affairs He has little support among his colleagues, except for the Abbott faction.
He has only personal ambition driving him, and showed this, by abandoning his faction leader Abbott, to back Turnbull's bid for the leadership, knowing a reward awaited his disloyalty. He remains aligned with both Turnbull and the Abbott faction, sitting on the fence quite well.If he is the best the Liberals have to offer, I will vote Labour for the first time.

Lorikeet, wow to New Year's resolution top action. You haven't been berated on this blog in recent times on that point so I can only assume (as out of you and me) you cop it from other areas as well. I say recent times and realise it has arisen occasionally, not like years ago. Might sell it's own story I wonder!

Out in the community, there seems to be a growing trend among Australians to treat sick and disabled people like bludgers on society. This is largely driven by media reports and uncaring government policies. The worst attitudes seem to come from the well-heeled.

Sure there are alcoholics and drug addicts out there collecting government money, but we cannot condemn them outright without looking into individual cases. For example, for years employers have been rejecting workers based on their older age and medical records (disabilities, work place injuries etc). Consequently there are many depressed people around.

Please walk a mile in someone else's shoes before criticising and condemning them, lest you be criticised and condemned yourself, or worse still, cause someone else to commit suicide.

I'm predicting that the next leader of the Liberal Party will be my sitting member, Peter Dutton. I have thought for several years that he would eventually become Prime Minister, as he has been handed many of the tougher ministerial roles, and also very quickly removed from a role which might cause him to lose his seat.

Malcolm Turnbull will get handed the "dunce's cap" for legalising Same Sex Marriage (BLAME GAME) and the more conservative Peter Dutton will likely take his place. This will minimise the loss of Liberal supporters.

At the next federal election, an even larger percentage of people will vote against the major parties and the ball will be passed back to Labor.

Unfortunately some contributors to this blog are completely out of touch with reality and think they may resort to insulting other bloggers to cover their lack of knowledge.

I think the biggest source of conflict within Liberal and National Parties is the support for a drop in moral standards on the part of a large section of each party.

For the benefit of Eureka, I have a list of New Year's resolutions. At the top of the list is refusing to put up with people labelling me a "conspiracy theorist" or dishing up other insults.

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