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Treasurer Scott Morrison has reconfirmed his commitment to offer personal income tax relief and said the government will scrap plans to increase the Medicare levy by $57 billion in a powerful demonstration of faith in economic growth.

The 0.5 per cent rise on the existing two per cent levy was announced in last year’s budget to fully fund the National Disability Insurance Scheme.

National Seniors’ has submitted its ‘wish-list’ to government, asking there be no changes to private health insurance premiums until reforms can address underlying cost factors, an increase in the...


Malcolm Turnbull has rebuffed suggestions he will not be leading the Coalition to the next election.

His former deputy Barnaby Joyce this week suggested the Prime Minister should think about stepping down if opinion polls don’t improve by Christmas.

Mr Turnbull has suffered his 30th straight Newspoll loss, a benchmark he had used to topple Tony Abbott for the top job.

Can Mr Turnbull unify the Liberals and do you think he will lead the Coalition to the next election?

The latest possible date for a simultaneous half-Senate and House of Representatives election is...


Australians are still reeling from the cricket ball tampering scandal, which has tarnished the country’s sporting reputation.

There is no doubt it was an ill-considered act bound to be discovered, given the number of cameras trained on the players in Cape Town.

But is the continuing fallout from the incident an example of national ‘navel-gazing’ at a time when there are far more pressing issues to consider, such as the possibility of a global trade war or the need for tax reform at home?

Or is it an example of change in our culture showing a deterioration in the...


The ALP’s proposed removal of refunds for dividend imputation credits has been widely criticised for its potentially devastating impact on low-income retirees.

Under the plan announced by Opposition Leader Bill Shorten on Tuesday, imputation credits would no longer be refundable. He has since promised a Labor Government would compensate up to 250,000 pensioners for every dollar they would lose.

Mr Shorten said wealthy retirees with Self-Managed Super Funds (SMSFs) would be most affected by the change.

National Seniors has crunched some numbers for those who would be...


Independent federal MP and anti-pokies campaigner Andrew Wilkie has told parliament the poker machine and pub arm of Woolworths has been spying on its punters to boost profits.

Mr Wilkie said venues kept databases of customers, which were shared among members of the Australian Leisure and Hospitality Group (ALH Group), a subsidiary of Woolworths.

The databases contained personal information, such as gambling and drinking habits, which ALH allegedly used to encourage increased gambling. Mr Wilkie called on ALH to destroy the information it holds about its customers.