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The Federal Government plans to scuttle the energy supplement for new Age Pension recipients from 20 September, saving almost $1 billion over four years.

National Seniors Chief Advocate Ian Henschke has described the plan as “misguided” and says it’s another blow for people whose incomes are among the lowest in the country.

The cuts mean a single aged pension will drop $14 per fortnight, or $365 a year, while couples will be $21.20 a fortnight (or about $550 a year) worse off. The current aged pension tops out at $888 a fortnight for a single person and $1339.40 for a couple...


The terrorist behind the Manchester bomb blast, Salman Abedi, had reportedly just returned from a trip to Libya before he blew himself up at a pop concert, killing 22 people and wounding dozens more.

The latest atrocity has dominated headlines as NSW Coroner MichaelBarnes handed down his findings into the December 2014 Lindt Café siege in Sydney.

Mr Barnes found NSW police should have stormed the cafe after gunman Man Monis fired his first shot in the direction of hostages; instead they waited a full 10 minutes before moving in.

But Mr Barnes also stressed that the...


Treasurer Scott Morrison’s budget has met with a mixed reaction.

More than 92,000 pensioners will get their concessions back after losing their pensions or part-pensions from 1 January in the Age Pension assets test.

Up to 3.5 million people on the age and disability support pensions and parenting payment will also receive one-off cash payments to help cover their winter energy bills — $75 for singles and $125 for couples.

And a person aged 65 or over will be able to make a non-concessional contribution to superannuation of up to $300,000 from the proceeds of the sale...


The Federal Budget on 9 May is rumoured to include measures aimed at forcing GPs to prescribe generic rather than brand name drugs.  This would save the government millions of dollars, help rein in the Budget deficit and cost consumers less.

Would you be happy to buy cheaper generic medicines with the same chemical composition, or would you only trust brand name drugs?


Former Prime Minister Tony Abbott has been criticising the Federal Government again, prompting calls for his resignation from politics.

Long-serving Federal MP Warren Entsch said the criticisms by Mr Abbott in a recent newspaper opinion piece and on radio, show he should quit or risk being remembered as a ‘spoiler’.

Mr Abbott has called on the government to change several policies, including cutting renewable energy subsidies, making more changes to the Senate, and abolishing the Safe Schools program aimed at protecting gay and transgender children from bullying.