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State governments have agreed to share biometric data, featured on identity documents such as drivers’ licences, as part of a national database.

The technology means the data can be automatically matched with that collected from devices located in airports, bus and train stations, retail malls, court buildings, prisons, sports facilities and anywhere else that has a networked camera.

An SMS survey by Roy Morgan Research showed Greens supporters (59 per cent) were more concerned about mass facial recognition technology than Labor supporters (33.5 per cent) or LNP supporters (...


The Pensioner Concession Card (PCC) will be reinstated to about 92,300 former pension recipients from Monday, 9 October.

Those whose pensions were cancelled on January 1, 2017 due to changes to the assets test, lost their entitlement to a range of concessions.

From 9 October, they can regain access to discounts and concessions, such as power, water, rates and public transport, offered by states, territories and private providers.

Do you think all existing and future full and part-pensioners should be eligible for a concession card? Is the card a basic entitlement for...


Pauline Hanson wants a plebiscite on banning the burqa, saying it has already been banned or restricted in many countries, including Muslim countries.

The One Nation leader, who caused controversy in August by wearing a burqa into the Senate chamber, has described the burqa as "offensive".

Federal Attorney-General George Brandis labelled her action a stunt.

But a burqa ban has gained support from conservative crossbencher Cory Bernardi who described the garment as a "flag of fundamentalism" and suggested terror threats could be identified by targeting those wearing the...


Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull this week sought further assurances from power companies  they will write to twice as many households as previously pledged in a bid to help customers save money on their power bills.

Mr Turnbull said he would do everything he could to ensure energy is affordable and reliable.

Two million customers on so-called standing offers will be directed to the government's comparison website, Energy Made Easy, where they can discover better deals.

But are you convinced this will have any effect? Or will power prices continue to rise unchecked?


Last month, National Seniors ran a poll on its website, asking if Australians with dual citizenship should be allowed to stand for parliament.

Seventy per cent of respondents said no, while 30 per cent said yes.

But the issue has escalated in the past week, with various federal ministers accusing the Opposition of treachery for colluding with the New Zealand Labour Party.

The controversy may topple the Coalition Government, which clings to power with a one seat majority, if the National Party loses the seat of New...