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Sunday night television vied for foodies and political junkies. The political junkies may have been disappointed that they didn’t get any hard core debate or see one of the contenders take a spill.

There’s always a winner and a loser but who reigned supreme – Julia Gillard or Tony Abbott - and why? Should the Greens leader Bob Brown also have been included?  

Disclaimer: any personal details shared here are public and can be found on internet searches.


Like football, politics can be a dirty game with behind the scenes back stabbings and broken promises.

It’s not new and it will happen again. Currently, we are being bombarded with news of the PM being accused of doing a double deal with Rudd which has taken the focus off policy detail from all of the political parties.

The airing of a political party’s dirty washing may be of interest to the political junkies and editors.

But at the end of the day - does the average voter want to make their decision on who to vote for based on behind the scenes political gossip or...

It’s a significant historical step for Australians accepting their first female Prime Minister, Julia Gillard. But has she been accepted? And is the fact that she is a woman going to affect voters?

In Monday’s Essential Report, Julia Gillard had a strong lead over Tony Abbott as preferred prime minister 53% to 26%. However men were not as convinced of Ms Gillard’s leadership qualities with 48% to 31% giving her the thumbs up. Women on the other hand are right behind Ms Gillard with 57% preferring her while only 22% of women preferred Abbott as prime minister.

What difference...

Former Australian Prime Minister John Howard’s vice presidential nomination for the International Cricket Council has been rejected, without official explanation, by African and Asian member countries.

Yet, despite being given until August 31 to put forward an alternative candidate, Mr Howard, a long-standing and passionate cricket fan, has refused to step down as the Australasian nominee.

Overnight media reports suggest the rejection is all to do with power and politics. In India some commentators have labeled the former prime minister “racist”.

According to the ABC...


The Federal Government’s planned Resource Super Profits Tax (RSPT) will tax resource projects on their profits and replace the current system of royalties that taxes production, but not profits.

The government says it’s a fairer way of taxing our resource wealth and will provide revenue to fund broader company tax cuts and personal superannuation increases. But the new RSPT has attracted a wave of criticism from the Australian mining sector.

It claims that under the changes - as the most heavily taxed mining sector in the world - the national economy will suffer, jobs will...