Control the calls - joint National Seniors and CHOICE campaign

Are you sick of unwanted calls?

Control the calls campaign

Australians are receiving an enormous amount of unsolicited calls, many of them asking for money.

Why can't we stop people calling us?

The Do Not Call Register lets Australians opt-out of receiving some calls, but we should be able to block all unwanted calls where people are asking for money.

Sign our petition calling for changes to the Do Not Call Register, to make it a more effective way for people to opt-out of calls asking for money.

It's your phone - you should have control over who calls you.

Show your support to control the calls

Do you want to have the ability to opt-out of all calls asking for money? Sign our petition. 

By signing this petition you agree to your details being provided to CHOICE for the joint National Seniors and CHOICE campaign. 

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