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    "formatted_address": "196 Robina Town Centre Dr, Robina QLD 4226, Australia",
    "street": "196 Robina Town Centre Dr",
    "suburb": "Robina",
    "state": "QLD",
    "long_state": "Queensland",
    "postal_code": "4226",
    "country": "Australia",
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    "lat": -28.076656,
    "lng": 153.381976,
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About our branch

ROBINA BRANCH\n\nPO BOX 3901\n\nROBINA TOWN CENTRE 4230\n\nWelcome,\n\nOn behalf of the Management Team and the members we warmly welcome you to our Robina Branch of National Seniors Australia. We hope that you enjoy your visit and that provides you with some insight into the benefits of over 150,000 members receive through their membership of National Seniors. There are 125 National Seniors Branches in Australia.\n\nThe Robina Branch meets on the third Tuesday of each month with the exception of January of each year and full details can be seen on the Branch website. You are welcome to attend the meetings as our Guests on three occasions also please feel free to come and join the members at lunch that takes place after the monthly meeting.\n\nFormed in 1975 National Seniors Australia in a not-for-profit non political advocacy organisation. We aim to advance and protect the interests and lifestyle of Australians in or approaching retirement. We do this by:\n\n+ representing the views of our members at all levels of Government\n\n+ researching and preparing submissions to Government on retiree issues.\n\n+ providing the opportunities for members to meet and share views of matters in an inclusive\n\nAtmosphere at our Branch meetings\n\n+ Provide information through guest speakers and a range of media from Head Office\n\nand a range of members outings and BBQ”S\n\nOur members are Australians who have either retired or about to retire and are either self-funded or are in receipt of a part or full pension.\n\nWe look forward to getting to know you at our monthly meetings, and hope that you will decide to become one of our members.\n\nThe success of National Seniors campaigning on beneficial changes to the lifestyle for the members is dependent on our strength in numbers. Your valued membership will add to that strength.\n\nThanks for coming along, we hope you found your visit beneficial and that we see you again.\n\nBRANCH MANAGEMENT TEAM\n

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