Looking for romance

  • Winter 2019
  • Ask the experts

I am in my 60s, male and have never had a romantic relationship. Being a virgin at this age poses a roadblock, and I have never discussed this with anyone because I am aware their reaction may be shock or laughter. At this point in my life, I would likt to have a romantic relationship but I don not consider myself attractive nor do I have any idea of how to initiate a romantic relationship or six if the opportunity presents.

There is no need to be ashamed or embarrassed. You sound like a caring and patient man. The right woman will value those traits in you. More important than having sexual prowess will be to show her that you find her attractive, sexy and interesting. This is what women want. may women you age will be emerging from long-term relationships and may feel equally vulnerable. These women will want a kind and loyal companion, which is the advantage of being your age. With regards to sex, the most important thing is to be caring and intuitive. You will figure it out, like people at every age. 

Answered by Dr Rachel Hannam

Director, North Brisbane Psychologists