5 minutes with Michelle Alcorn

Our Generation gets to know Michelle Alcorn, Senior Travel Consultant with National Seniors Travel, who is looking forward to helping members get back into travel once it’s safe to do so.

  • Winter 2020
  • Members

How long have you been with National Seniors Travel?

I have been with National Seniors Travel for more than 13 years, connecting members with their dream holidays around the world.

What’s so good about being a travel agent with National Seniors Travel?

Our wonderful members and the variety of holidays that I get to put together for them.

Your favourite travel destination and way of travelling?

I love all modes of travel, whether it be a plane, ship, train or bus. It is really hard for me to choose a favourite destination but it would probably have to be Cuba. There is nothing like sipping rum in a cool makeshift bar while people watching.

How have you continued working during the COVID-19 situation?

It has been difficult in this current climate but I have been keeping busy re-booking holidays and brushing up on my knowledge with some extra online
training. We have also been trialling online travel consultations for those wanting to catch up on video calls as opposed to face to face.

What changes will there be to travelling from now on and what should travellers expect?

I think it will be personal hygiene and of course social distancing where possible. National Seniors will have travel packs available for anyone that has a holiday booked with us that will include alcohol wipes, hand sanitiser, gloves and masks, just to be on the safe side.

Where do you see being the most exciting destination, post COVID-19?

I think our own backyard would be a great start. Our economy has suffered in this situation and we need to support our local businesses, hotels and tourist attractions. There are great deals out there to be had.

What should readers be doing now in preparation for travelling?

The world is a big and beautiful place and it’s still exciting—think about the kind of holiday you would like to have, i.e, culture, cruise, food and wine. We would then design the right experience and destination that balances inspiration and personal safety and comfort.

What are some common questions you are being asked around travel and COVID-19?

“When can I travel?” is definitely the most popular question at the moment!

Do you think some destinations will be off limits for longer than others?

It is too early to say, I think. All I can suggest is that our readers keep up to date with government authorities and, of course, the DFAT website. If unsure, we are always happy to help out with the current advice.

See nationalseniorstravel.com.au for current travel information and promotions.