Save money and help planet earth

Darren Smith, from our partner Financial Advice Matters reflects on some actions you can take to reduce living expenses while having a positive impact on the environment. Note: this information has been provided as general advice only. See disclaimer for details.

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When it comes to sustainable spending, I like to think back to basics. That means reducing, reusing, repurposing and rewiring our behaviours. Having a green mindset is important.

We need to think about what we do and how we do it. Thinking greener does involve planning in advance and in some cases, investing.

Below are some areas you may like to consider.

Energy usage

  • Understand what is driving your power bills
  • Install solar for lighting and power
  • Install energy / flow efficiency devices
  • Isolate zones for heating and cooling
  • Use technology that has ‘auto off’ switch functionality
  • Energy efficient light bulbs
  • Design your home to take advantage of natural lighting Utilise off peak periods.

Water efficiency

  • Glass of water for brushing teeth
  • Diverting grey water (domestic waste water) from the house to the garden
  • Timed showers
  • Water tanks.


  • Take advantage of reusable cups when ordering drinks at the local coffee shop
  • Purchase reusable containers to use instead of snap lock bags and cling wrap
  • When grocery shopping, opt for items with less packaging
  • Purchase bulk items and make your own smaller portions
  • Be aware of what items you can recycle
  • Use both sides of paper and only print where necessary – maximise emails, use e-ticket functions and have receipts / tickets emailed to you
  • Reuse paper bags or permanent carry bags as opposed to plastic.


  • Incorporating walking and riding where possible can benefit both the environment and your health
  • Move to a hybrid or e-powered vehicle
  • Work from home to reduce travel 
  • Focus on local travel.

This is only the tip of the iceberg in terms of opportunities to act in a more sustainable manner.

You might like to select a couple of areas to focus on and then continue working your way through the list.

Invest in renewable energy and boost your retirement income

National Seniors is proposing the Federal Government create a Seniors' Green Bond Scheme to give older Australians the opportunity to safely invest in renewable energy production and storage capacity.

That means sustainable retirement income for you and a sustainable future for all generations.

Find out how it would work.


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