Fear of leakage – toilet maps to the rescue

You’ve had a coffee with other fellow travellers on the trip of a lifetime, and you’re in the queue to enter that world-famous site - then it happens.

Key Points

  • Finding a toilet in a hurry can be problem for older travellers
  • Phone and tablet apps can help locate relief
  • A master key is also available for those with an eligible condition

Where’s the toilet! Panic sets in. Overseas or even in an Australian city that little facility can be few and far between. If there is one, woe betide if you don’t have the right coins.

If you are a traditionalist, there’s the tried and tested underpants with built-in padding or the more flexible insertable continence products. Always keep a few in your money belt.

However, the good news is we live in a remarkable digital age where technology such as a smart phone can offer solutions to such wee problems. Finding toilets and planning toilet-friendly travelling anywhere in the world, even in Italy, is now in the palm of your hand, so to speak.

There are numerous apps available to download onto the ‘smart’ phone. ‘Toilet Finder’ claims to locate 150,000 toilets worldwide.

Closer to home, in Australia The National Public Toilet Map app provides information publicly available toilets across the nation. The app is available on iOS and Android devices. You can view the National Public Toilet Map online: toiletmap.gov.au or download on Google Play or the App store.

The app provides information on over 19,000 publicly available toilets including accessibility, opening hours and facilities like showers and baby change and sharps disposal. You can also plan your trip mapping out toilets along the journey.

Master Locksmiths Access Key

The Master Locksmiths Access Key (MLAK) is a system that enables 24/7 access to public toilets for people with a disability or bladder or bowel condition. The MLAK master key opens all toilet facilities equipped with an MLAK lock, and can be ordered using the MLAK order form.

Health Tips

Prevention is always a great option and the Continence Foundation of Australia has a wealth of bladder and bowel information, advice, resources and exercises to enhance your health down there, as well as leakage management techniques and aids.