$220 million for heart disease and stroke research

Did you know four million Australians live with heart disease and stroke and they are two of our nation’s biggest killers?

That is a good enough reason for the federal government to provide $220 million for research through its 10-year Mission for Cardiovascular Health.

The Mission aims to improve health outcomes through prevention strategies, earlier detection and improved outcomes for patients suffering a heart attack or stroke.

It will aim to reduce hospitalisations, develop clinical trials and new drug therapies, use the unique DNA of a patient to develop new therapies, and investigate why people who don’t lead an unhealthy lifestyle or have a genetic cause suffer heart attacks.

Not surprisingly, the Stroke Foundation welcomes the Mission, saying research holds the key to “stemming the tide of heart disease and stroke”.

The research announcement followed cross-party support for Medicare-funded heart health checks to enable doctors to better prevent, detect and manage cardiovascular disease.

Facts about stroke

  • A stroke occurs every nine minutes in Australia
  • Stroke kills more men than prostate cancer and more women than breast cancer
  • Around 30% of stroke survivors are of working age (under 65)
  • More than 65% of stroke survivors suffer a disability that impedes their ability to carry out daily activities unassisted.
  • One Australian dies of cardiovascular disease every 12 minutes.
  • In 2017, more than 100,000 Australians experienced a heart attack or stroke and cardiovascular disease was the underlying cause of 43,500 deaths in Australia.

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