Aged care inquiry update

National Seniors CEO Professor John McCallum will be among witnesses appearing at the first Adelaide hearings of the Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety during the week starting 11 February.

These hearings will focus on key features of the aged care, quality, safety and complaints system, and about how the system works in practice.

The hearings will be open to the public although seating will be limited. They will be held from 10am at Court 11, Level 3, Roma Mitchell Commonwealth Law Courts, 3 Angas St, Adelaide.

People planning to attend have been warned to allow at least 30-45 minutes for security screening. It’s also possible to watch live screenings of the hearings. Simply go to our website, scroll down to the Live stream heading and click on the link.

Our dedicated Royal Commission page on our website will keep members and supporters up to date with what’s happening over the course of the inquiry.

If you know of anyone who has had an issue with home or residential aged care, please encourage them to make a submission directly to the commission if they feel comfortable doing so.

If they would prefer, they can share their experiences with us by completing the form on the National Seniors Royal Commission page above.

Obviously, there will be some people who are not online and if they want to make a submission to the Commission they can by writing to:

Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety

GPO Box 1151

Adelaide SA 5001

emailing; or calling 1800 960 711 (between 8:00am-8:00pm AEDT Monday-Friday except on public holidays).

National Seniors CEO John McCallum and Chief Advocate Ian Henschke will be addressing the media on the royal commission and related issues when appropriate.

As well, the Royal Commission has added four National Seniors research reports to its website as resources, namely:

1.       McCallum, J. & Rees, K. (2017) Consumer Directed Care in Australia: Early stage analysis and future directions. Brisbane: National Seniors. (35 pages) published 18/8/17.

2.       McCallum, J., Rees, K. & Maccora, J. (2018). Accentuating the positive: Consumer experiences of aged care at home. Brisbane: National Seniors. (87 pages) published 30/4/18.

3.       Rees, K., & McCallum, J. (2018). Dealing with Diversity: Aged care services for new and emerging communities. Brisbane: National Seniors. (30 pages) (14/8/15).

4.       Rees, K., Maccora, J. & McCallum, J. (2018). You don’t know what you don’t know: The current state of Australian aged care service literacy. Brisbane: National Seniors. (68 pages) (26/09/18).

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