Better care with My Health Record

Aged Care Minister Ken Wyatt has called on senior Australians to embrace the rollout of My Health Record, for secure, safer and more convenient care.

Mr Wyatt said the patient-centred digital system helped health professionals deliver the best care.

“My Health Record empowers Australians to take better control of their health and provides secure access to patients’ health information at the point of care,” he said.

“People often tell me they are tired of being asked the same questions when they go to see a health professional. This can be particularly frustrating for older Australians, who may be taking multiple medications and seeing a number of doctors.

“I also hear examples of older people being admitted to hospital and not receiving the medications they have been prescribed, because no-one knew what they were supposed to be taking.”

My Health Record presents information from across the health system, through a GP uploading a shared health summary record, Medicare data, public and private pathology and radiology reports, and hospital discharge summaries.

“My Health Record places the consumer at the centre, with the power to add, remove, and restrict access to certain information,” Mr Wyatt said.

“So you get to decide who sees your health information, and all of your healthcare team can share the same information.”

He said the system gave people the freedom to travel anywhere in Australia, knowing they had instant access to safe and secure digital health records, including care plans.

“I want senior Australians to benefit from this investment, especially the many mobile ‘grey nomads’ who are enjoying our wonderful country and will be able to make the most of more connected care.”

Mr Wyatt said $374.2 million would be invested over the next two years to continue and expand the system, allowing every Australian to have a My Health Record by December 2018, unless they preferred not to.

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