Bringing transparency to health costs

National Seniors has partnered with a new website to bring greater transparency to specialist fees as part of our out-of-pocket health costs campaign.

My Dr Bill is a free and independent website to help you share out-of-pocket costs from your surgery to increase transparency and help others.

The My Dr Bill website was created by two retired doctors surprised and concerned by their own family members’ unexpected costs for medical procedures.

They were genuinely shocked that despite having top level private health insurance they were being charged substantial out-of-pocket costs.

How does it work?

My Dr Bill is quick, easy and powered by you.

By collecting information from real life patients about the cost of different medical procedures performed by specialists, others will be able to use this information to understand potential costs.

When you add information about the cost of procedure, your deidentified costs are aggregated with other patients' resulting average costs. This helps others make better, more informed financial decisions when choosing a specialist.

Searching by procedure, you’ll find average costs by type of doctor, specialist and assistant involved. You can drill down to see average costs by state. 

My Dr Bill also provides advice on what questions to ask and how to assess costs before choosing a specialist.

You could even win $500 when you provide details of your costs.

Learn more about the offer here.

Visit the My Dr Bill website to share your out-of-pocket costs.

You can learn more about our partnership with My Dr Bill by visiting the Partners section of our website.

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