Consumers focus of new home care reporting

The Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission is working on expanding the use of Consumer Experience Reports (CER) into the home and community aged care sector. These reports are aimed at promoting consumer choice by capturing the consumer experience of the quality of care and services in aged care.

For the first time, from July 2019, CERs will be available for consumers to complete.

The aged care sector is now familiar with the use of CERs in residential aged care, with more than 1,780 CERs having been completed by residents and published since 2017. They show how consumers experience the quality of care and services in residential facilities using a standardised set of questions on areas such as safety, staff and food.

The Commission is working closely with La Trobe University’s Australian Institute of Primary Care and Ageing to develop the CER survey questions for home and community-based care recipients.

Results will be used to help shape Phase Two pilot testing of the standardised home care CER questions commencing in April.

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