Don’t call me, I’ll call you

Australians love using their mobile phones to call other people but do not always enjoy being contacted themselves.

A study by Roy Morgan Research showed 14.2 million or 72 per cent of Australians aged 14 and over agreed with the statement: “I love being able to contact my friends wherever I am”.

Only 10.8 million of them also agreed: “I enjoy people contacting me on my mobile phone”, leaving 3.4 million who were happy to call others at their own personal convenience, but were not always keen to pick up.

The gap between wanting to be the caller or receiver existed across gender and generations.

Women were more likely than men to enjoy contacting others or being contacted.

Generation Z (born between 1995 and 2009) were the most likely to enjoy mobile phone contact either way, but the pleasure of both making and receiving calls declined with age among Gen Y (born between 1981 and 1994) and Gen X (roughly 1965 to 1980.)  

Proportionally, the gap was widest among Baby Boomers (born 1946-64), with 63 per cent saying they love being able to contact others, but less than half enjoying being contacted.

Only 35 per cent of pre-Boomers (also known as the Silent Generation) enjoyed being contacted on their mobile phones — but not that many more (43 per cent) were keen on making contact.

“Communication is a two-way street, but many Australians prefer staying on the more personally convenient side,” said Roy Morgan’s Michele Levine.

“We all know some friends and family members who never quite manage to pick up when we call or reply directly to messages.

“Even among the 12 million who enjoy being contacted on their mobiles, 75 per cent say they like having the ability to screen calls.

“Mobile phones are all about convenience, but the broader issue isn’t only the evolving nature of interpersonal contact, but the impacts of having information, entertainment and shopping literally at hand 24 hours a day.”  

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