Gardening – Connecting people of all ages

Well, here’s a first.

A self-described half-man, half hedge has been awarded ‘Most Popular Presenter’ at the 2019 TV Week Logie Awards!

His beard decorations may have split the opinions of fashion experts, but there’s no doubt 55-year-old Gardening Australia host, Costa Georgiadis has helped launch a gardening revolution.

Nourishing soil and soul

Gardening is a great form of exercise that builds strength, increases mobility, reduces stress and helps prevent diseases like osteoporosis.

It also offers a number of social benefits, which Costa is proud to highlight on his show.

“Gardening Australia is such a relevant program, with such tradition”, he told the ABC.

“I can combine everything I think is important – food production, the environment and the community - from the ‘get grubby’ side to bringing more young people and families into gardening.”

With the increased popularity of community gardens, city farms and the grow-your-own-food movement, gardening has rapidly transformed into a popular pastime for all age groups.

Getting started

Not much of a green thumb? Costa has this advice to offer:

“Get growing. Back yourself and make mistakes. It’s your mistakes and observations that are your greatest tutors.”

Don’t even let a lack of space stop you from growing your own food.

The Little Veggie Patch Co. - How to Grow Food in Small Spaces, by Fabian Capomolla and Mat Pember is a good place to start.

From fundamentals such as soil, composting and sowing seeds to raised garden beds and crates, Fabian and Mat provide a step by step guide to creating your own veggie garden.

If you’re a National Seniors Australia member, you will receive a 10% discount on the book’s advertised price when you purchase it from the Booktopia website.

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Here’s a list of other gardening resources you might be interested in:

Sustainability Victoria also has a section of its website dedicated to helping you grow your own food. Check it out.

Knowledge is important, but remember – as Costa says, “It’s not just about facts, information and know-how … Gardens are about time, observation and intuition.”

Did you know?

Sunday night’s awards ceremony wasn’t the first time Costa decided to beautify his beard for the big occasion.

He went all out for the 2018 Floriade festival in Canberra as well.

If you’re keen to meet some fellow flower aficionados, check out Australia’s Capital Icons tour featuring Floriade and Bowral Tulip Time.

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Source: ABC

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