Heart disease kills almost three times more women than breast cancer

Heart disease kills 22 Australian women every day and leads to more than 48,000 being hospitalised each year.

It is a major cause of death among Australian women, second only to dementia and Alzheimer’s and killing almost three times more women than breast cancer.

According to Heart Research Australia’s CEO Nicci Dent, women are largely unaware of the statistics. 

This Valentine’s Day (14 February) the organisation is encouraging everyone to support Wear Red Day to raise awareness and donate to Heart Research Australia to help fund research into heart disease.

Heart Research Australia is a not-for-profit organisation focussing on lifting awareness of the risk factors and symptoms of heart disease, as well as funding research into its prevention, diagnosis and treatment.

Ms Dent said women needed to be aware of the threat heart disease posed so they could modify their behaviour and build healthy habits of regular physical activity, healthy eating and being smoke free.

“Get your work colleagues, friends, or exercise group together and sign up for Wear Red Day,” Ms Dent said. 

“By increasing awareness of and research into risk factors for women, there is an opportunity to reduce the incidence of heart disease. Be part of the solution and sign up now – and wear something red on 14 February.” 

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