Hospital patients ‘stressed and confused’

Patients are struggling to navigate the hospital system, with 28 percent saying it is more confusing than buying a home, according to new research released this week.

But many don’t want to bother their doctor or specialist with ‘silly questions’ - with 39 percent turning to Dr Google instead.

The research surveyed Australians who had been to hospital in the past 12 months and revealed nearly half (45%) felt there was not enough support provided. Going to hospital caused unwanted stress (81%), confusion (54%), feelings of isolation (10%), and even contributed to compromised mental and physical health (58%).

The research found half (50%) of patients admitted to spending upwards of three hours seeking help and advice about their hospital admission, with one in four (25%) spending five or more hours trying to source the required information.

One in five (19%) were unsure about how to prepare for their treatment or procedure, while others were confused about the recovery period, such as how to manage pain relief or medicine (21%), foods to include or exclude from their diet (21%), and how to prepare their home for discharge (19%).

The research was undertaken by Medibank.

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