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How to protect yourself from phone scams

The following tips have been provided by Norton Australia cybersecurity expert, Mark Gorrie:

  • One of the most common scams is people lying that they are from the Tax Office usually threatening action if you don’t pay them. Remember, the ATO may use letters, email, phone calls, or SMS to contact you for a number of reasons, but it will never ask for your Tax File Number or bank details via email or SMS. If you’re not sure about the validity of any communication from the ATO, call them directly
  • Use comprehensive security software on your computer and backup regularly. Norton LifeLock research found that 47% of Australian workers claim to not use a comprehensive security solution on their personal mobile, laptop, tablet or desktop computer. Yet, using robust security software, such as Norton Security Premium, to protect your home network and personal devices is the first line of defense against attempts by criminals to steal or compromise your personal information.
  • Look for key tell-tale signs that a SMS may be illegitimate. These include: the message does not address you as the recipient by name; it is unexpected; the message contains poor grammar.

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  • Staying safe online and avoiding scams
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