In the news - Challenging stereotypes and fighting for a fair go

How do you challenge a negative stereotype that’s deeply entrenched?

It’s the misconception that older Australians are being left behind by digital technology.

National Seniors Australia took up the challenge this week, releasing the paper, Senior Surfers: Diverse levels of digital literacy among older Australians.

It was enough to get the attention of local and national TV news bulletins, including Nine News, WIN News and SBS News.

It was covered on the likes of ABC Radio in Queensland, Victoria and New South Wales, as well as Sydney stations 2GB and 2SM, Brisbane’s 4BC and Perth’s 6PR.

National Seniors Australia CEO, Professor John McCallum and Director Valerie Pratt AO fielded radio interviews, including a fascinating segment on ABC Radio Melbourne, hosted by Myf Warhurst.

Listen to the full audio here.

The media coverage has kickstarted a national conversation around older Australians and digital use. 

Read about our research report here.

Maintaining the rage

We are not giving up on the fight to get fair deeming rates on the return of pensioners’ savings.

Last month, the Federal Government buckled to pressure from the campaign led by National Seniors to cut the rates which saw older Australians taxed on a rate much higher than their savings returns. This week the Australian Financial Review reported that National Seniors Australia will keep up the fight. 

Read more here.

Although it’s still at least two and a half years until the next Federal Election, Chief Advocate Ian Henschke says National Seniors Australia will maintain its campaign right up to polling day, unless the issue is properly addressed.

“This will become a major issue in the run-up to the next election.”

And that, you can bank on.

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