Investigations into energy suppliers support affordability campaign

Cutting energy costs is a key National Seniors Australia campaign.

That’s why we are keenly watching government inquiries into the nation’s gas supplies, the potential for nuclear power and legal action against South Australian wind farm operators.

The results could have far-reaching impacts on Australia’s energy supplies, reliability and costs.

Gas reaction

The Federal Government gas inquiry will examine boosting new gas supplies and measures to reserve more gas in Australia for domestic use.

The response from the industry is encouraging.

The Australian Industry Group described the review into gas reservation as “an acknowledgment of the dire situation” and said that action was urgently needed to bring down electricity and gas prices.

The Business Council of Australia said electricity prices had to come down: “The link between more supply and lower prices is clear. We welcome the Federal Government’s call for the states and territories to lift their unscientific moratoriums on gas reserves.”

South Australian wind farms

The Australian Energy Regulator is taking South Australian wind farm operators AGL, Neoen SA, Pacific Hydro and Tilt Renewables to the Federal Court.

It’s alleging they breached the National Energy Rules during a 2016 storm, which saw a state-wide blackout of more than 850,000 South Australian homes and businesses.

It also caused a political storm, sparking a national conversation about the reliability of wind farms in providing baseload power.

This court action could have important ramifications for the future of the renewable energy sector.


A federal parliamentary inquiry will examine nuclear power in Australia for the first time in over a decade. 

It will investigate any future government’s likely consideration of the topic.

Federal Energy Minister Angus Taylor wrote that it will “consider the economic, environmental and safety implications” of the technology.

Join the fight

Our energy affordability campaign has enjoyed success, with the government’s creation of a default market offer with a regulated electricity price and the retention of the Energy Supplement for new pensioners.

But more needs to be done – and we need your help.

We want the government to retain the energy supplement for disadvantaged seniors and link the supplement rate to changes in the cost of energy.

Sign up to the campaign to get regular updates and ensure your voice is heard at all levels of government.

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