It’s time for a Seniors Dental Scheme

Did you know that our mouth and teeth are the third highest reason for acute preventable hospital admissions in Australia?

Yet, unlike other areas of the health that are covered by Medicare, most dental health costs come out of our own pockets - even when we have private health insurance. And the cost is high.

For people on low incomes, it is even worse. The cost of a trip to the dentist can be a barrier too high.

More than a third of adults report they have delayed seeing a dentist due to cost.

Our Federal Budget submission

That’s why we’re telling the Federal Government it is time Australia had a universal dental benefits scheme.

We have one for children – the Child Dental Benefits Schedule (CDBS), which gives limited financial support to eligible children aged two to seventeen, who are also eligible for Medicare and who (or their parents) are getting social service payments. 

Our partners, the The Benevolent Society and the Australian Dental Association support this measure, including the establishment of a Seniors Dental Benefits Schedule (SDBS).

How it works

The scheme would provide low income seniors an annual subsidy, which would help them maintain their dental health. It would be especially useful to those living in aged care.

And by keeping people out of hospital it would save the community and the government precious health funds.

After all, more than 63,000 Australians are hospitalised each year and we spend more on oral health than any other disease, except cardiovascular disease.

You can learn more about our Federal Budget submission in the advocacy section of our website.

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