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Prostate cancer - Korean researchers have come up with a way to diagnose prostate cancer with just a urine test, 20 minutes, and some Artificial Intelligence. 

Eye sight - A 78-year old blind man in Israel had his sight restored after becoming the first recipient of a new type of synthetic cornea implant called the CorNet KPro.

Developed by a company called CorNeat, the KPro is the first implant that can be integrated directly into the eye wall to replace scarred or deformed corneas with no donor tissue. Immediately after the surgery, the patient was able to recognise family members and read numbers on an eye chart.  

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MS - The scientists who helped develop Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine have used the same technology to develop a vaccine they say cures multiple sclerosis in mice, taking us one step closer to a cure for humans.

BioNTech CEO Ugur Sahin led research showing that an mRNA vaccine might also work in multiple sclerosis, according to Fierce Biotech, a pharma news outlet.

Sahin's team showed that an mRNA vaccine encoding a disease-related autoantigen successfully improved MS symptoms in sick animals and prevented disease progression in rodents showing early signs of MS.

Paralysed mice also regained the ability to walk after receiving a new gene therapy that stimulates nerve cells to regenerate developed by researchers at Ruhr University Bochum in Germany.

The paralysed rodents had lost mobility in both hind legs, but after receiving the treatment began walking in just two to three weeks. 

Virtual and augmented reality

Knee surgery - In the USA, augmented reality has been used in knee-replacement surgery for the first time. 

The surgeon said, “At many time points during the operation it’s actually providing me information, making sure that my cuts are degree for degree, millimetre for millimetre, accurate.”  

The better a knee-replacement fits, the better the odds for an operation’s long-term success, Dr. Vigdorchik said. 

Crime - Unsolved murder cases are being recreated in virtual reality in an app called CrimeDoor, assisting investigators and giving victims’ families hope.  

Apple - the tech giant is expected to launch a VR headset in 2022

As a mostly virtual reality device, it will display an all-encompassing 3-D digital environment for gaming, watching video and communicating. AR functionality, the ability to overlay images and information over a view of the real world, will be more limited. 

Thomas Rice is the Portfolio Manager for the Perpetual Global Innovation Share Fund, based in Sydney, Australia. He writes a regular report on the latest innovation trends. Visit his personal website here