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Medicines filled online - Queensland

Need a script filled but don’t want to leave home? Queenslanders can do it online during COVID-19.

Queenslanders can now get their medical prescriptions filled online and delivered by their pharmacy without having to leave their home.

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Meeting your needs during the pandemic

The move comes after the Commonwealth Government brought in changes to make it easier for prescriptions to flow between doctors and pharmacists, including via a digital image.

The Queensland Government says this is good news for vulnerable people because they can receive the care they need and reduce the need to leave the house and sit in a waiting room alongside other patients.

These patients will now have their prescription flow handled by modern technology as the old-school fax and follow-up between doctors and pharmacies is replaced by digital copies of prescriptions sent by a choice of modern communications.

The changes allow digital images of prescriptions to be sent and dispensed for PBS or private prescriptions and applies to prescriptions sent by all prescribers.

Although digital prescriptions are now available, the existing prescription process will stay intact for those still wishing to process their prescriptions as they’ve always done.

The digital prescription changes will remain in place until the end of September this year, allowing time to further develop technological changes to the prescription process.

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