More than a million Aussie men put off health care

With Movember – a month dedicated to men’s health – officially underway, a survey has revealed that more than one million Australian men are going for at least two years without seeking health advice.

In a national survey conducted by leading health retailer Healthy Life, 9.3 per cent of male respondents said they hadn’t seen a health care professional for more than two years, double the figure of their female counterparts (4.8 per cent), with some even admitting they hadn’t received health advice this decade.

Men aged 35-44 were the worst offenders with nearly one in five (18 per cent) respondents in this age bracket admitting they hadn’t sought professional health advice in more than two years, including nearly five per cent (4.8 per cent) who said they hadn’t seen a health care professional in the past decade.

According to the survey, health care visits increased with age, with 82 per cent of men aged 55-64 and 95 per cent of men aged over 65 saying they had seen a health care professional in the past six months.

In the spirit of Movember, Healthy Life shared some easy health and wellness hacks to help more Australian men live a healthier life and feel good from the inside out.

  • 'Menitation' – if 'omm' chanting and deep breathing feels too off-beat, there are other ways to enjoy ‘men time’. Time spent outside in nature can be an instant mood booster and increase feelings of wellbeing. A walk or a jog can be a form of ‘menitation’, or there's always the great male pastime of fishing.
  • Man smoothie – even though men and women are different, they both need lots of fresh vegetables and whole grains to function at their best. While men can certainly consume more meat than women, spoiler alert: they also need to eat their greens.
  • Man brunch – if a healthy breakfast isn't usually on the agenda, it should be. Swap a bowl of sugary cereal or bacon and eggs for some nourishing porridge or muesli. Make it even more nutritious by adding some flaxseed, chia or hemp seeds.
  • Man food – While meat protein is important for men, it’s worth remembering the average protein requirement for men aged 19-70 is less than one gram per kilogram of body weight per day. For an 80kg bloke, that’s only around 80g. Too much protein can put added stress on the kidneys and create acidity in the body. Swap some red meat meals with fish and try adding more vegetables to meat dishes. It can be as easy as grating some zucchini and carrot into a bolognaise sauce or a meat patty.
  • Man care – Some supplements, such as ginseng, can help with stress and anxiety as well as increasing energy and stamina. Remember - with serotonin made in the gut, the best way to support mental health is to bolster this feel good hormone by consuming more Vitamin B-rich leafy greens and brain-boosting nuts and oily fish. 

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