More wins for older Australians

Aussie French Open tennis champ Ash Barty sums things up nicely “I think you have to go out believing you can win the match; otherwise, there's no point walking out on the court, really.”

So true! 

At National Seniors, we are fronting up to governments, the corporate world and the community, voicing what you want. And acing a few along the way!

Our success is your success so thank you, our members, for supporting our efforts through your ongoing membership.

Here are some of our most recent wins.

Franking credit cash refunds

We opposed Labor’s federal election proposal to scrap franking credit cash refunds.

Our opposition helped win the $3.3 billion ‘pensioner guarantee’.

The Coalition’s re-election means that the policy has now been scrapped with Labor showing signs they will back away from it under its new leadership group.

Age Pension stays at 67

Seniors entering pensioner phase can rest a little easier. National Seniors campaigned against the Australian Government plans to increase the pension age from 67 to 70. So, we were very pleased when the new Prime Minister Morrison backed away from the unpopular idea as a’ step too far’ and confirmed the Age Pension qualifying age would stay at 67.

The decision reverses a policy announced in former Prime Minister Tony Abbott's 2014 budget.

Our campaign focused on the impact the increase would have not just on current seniors but younger people.

Even workers as young as 50 find it hard to secure work if they lose their job through redundancy or for some other reason.

People who are involved in manual or physically demanding jobs are often not capable of working until they are 70. Imagine being a construction worker, labourer, or a nurse and being told you’re not eligible for a pension.

Ending the Medicare freeze

An ongoing campaign is in place, to pressure governments and the medical and insurance industries to put the brakes on rising heath care costs, especially out-of-pocket costs.

Doctors have blamed out-of-pocket costs on governments limiting the rebates they receive for seeing Medicare patients. To make up for the freeze doctors had been increasing costs to patients.

It was a big win in the latest federal budget when this was acknowledged and the freeze on Medicare rebates ended. The Coalition made this announcement not long after Labor agreed to do the same as part of its election campaign. A rare example of bipartisanship? 

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