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National Seniors: About the policies, not the parties.

If you’re a regular reader of Connect then you may remember that at the start of this election campaign I wrote about a member who contacted me saying we should be telling members who to vote for. 

Then again a week ago it happened again. I had an irate member write to me, screaming through capital letters in his email, saying 

Roughly equally or evenly AND THEREFORE CANCEL-OUT ANY INFLUENCE it might otherwise expect to be
able to exert ?????????????????????”

As you can see he was angry and even ended by suggesting my head should roll if I didn’t follow his instructions. 

But as I said back at the start of the campaign it doesn’t work like that. It’s up to you. 

We’re concerned about the policies, not the parties. In a democracy it’s your choice, your vote and your future.

I can understand the feeling of frustration among seniors, especially as a lot of our key issues have been overlooked. It’s led to a lot of people saying “You can’t trust a politician whichever party they are in.” This is why often people turn to the anti-politicians who want to be elected. 

I predict this will be an election night full of surprises.

Some of the surprises so far have been from the candidates who can’t even be trusted by the parties that chose them. The 2019 election will be remembered for the record number (32 at last count) who have had to step aside because they been caught out doing all sort of bizarre and unacceptable behaviour, some caught on film and some on social media but they were then rejected by those who had endorsed them.

The Social Research Institute at Ipsos conducted an in depth survey last July even before these latest scandals and found the level of trust in political parties sat at just 16%.

This study found fewer than 41% of citizens were satisfied with the way democracy works in Australia. That was down from 86% in 2007. 

But remember democracy like life may have its problems but the alternative is far worse. So if you haven’t voted already make sure you do on Saturday and celebrate the fact you live in a country where you can, and no one tells you how to vote. It’s now up to you. I’ll get out of your way and see you on the other side. ( of the election that is!) 

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