New aged care service proving its worth

Sisters Anne and Sharon* are at almost opposite ends of the continent, but both care deeply about their 84-year-old mother Betty, who still lives independently in her own home.

They recently used National Seniors’ new Aged Care service to solve a problem that could have caused them and their mum a lot of stress, and upset holiday plans.

Betty was needing more help than Sharon, who lives nearby, could provide weekly and she was also planning a six-week overseas trip.

Sharon and Anne discussed by phone what would be needed in the way of fulltime respite care for Betty while Sharon was away, and the additional care services needed when Betty returned to her home.

Anne, a National Seniors’ member, rang the Financial Information Desk in Canberra, seeking advice from Senior Officer Basil Le Brooy on what help might be available.

Basil quickly identified that their needs and circumstances meant our partner, Aged Care Matters, were best situated to find the services required.

While locating respite care for six weeks was a challenge, within a matter of days accredited aged care specialist Paul Geisel had identified a place for Betty at a reputable facility that met her requirements and gave her daughters the peace of mind they were seeking.

Their story is just one way National Seniors, through its Financial Information Desk (FID), can help you to access aged care. From understanding home care packages and how to access them, to moving into residential aged care, we can help you to make informed decisions and access the services and care you or a loved one needs.

We know that moving into residential aged care can be an emotional and stressful time. Understanding the costs involved can also be confusing. Our FID officers can assist with understanding not just the costs, but the process involved and possible options available.

Let National Seniors take the stress and emotion out of finding the right aged care services for you. Call 1300 020 110 now.

*Real names have not been used to protect confidentiality.

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