One in 10 smartphones lost or destroyed

Australians have lost or destroyed 2.5 million smartphones in the past few years, at a cost of $755 million, a new survey shows.

Comparison website said one in 10 phone users had damaged at least one device beyond repair, while six per cent had simply mislaid their phone.

Gen Yers – or those born between 1981 and the mid-1990s – were the worst offenders, with 26 per cent losing or damaging their phones.

That was three times the rate of Baby Boomers, those born between 1946 and 1964.

Finder’s Angus Kidman said Australians could be quite negligent when it came to looking after their phones.

“Given that a premium smartphone costs as much as the average weekly wage in Australia, that’s a lot of money being wasted,” Mr Kidman said.

“We buy phones in different ways. Some prefer to get a free handset on a two-year contract, while others prefer to buy it outright or find a secondhand option on eBay.”

“But whatever you paid initially, if your phone is trashed, you’ll need to cough up some cash to replace it, unless you have phone insurance or are happy to go back to a spare older phone.”

Mr Kidman said people should invest in a decent cover for their phone and a screen protector. He also said they should avoid texting and walking at the same time, or using their phone near large bodies of water.

Finder said a previous study had shown many Australians kept a spare phone for emergencies, with one third saving their old phone as a back-up and one in four giving it away to a friend or family member.

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