Online grocery shopping not to Australians' taste

While more than five million Australians say they will consider buying groceries online in the next year, far less actually do it.

Despite a new survey from Roy Morgan released this week that showed respondents professing strong interest in shopping online, in an average month just 5% of Woolworths customers and only 4% of Coles customers totalling about 600,000 actually head to the computer to buy their groceries.

This compared to the 34% of customers of both the big supermarket chains saying they would consider switching to online shopping in the next year.

Customers of the smaller supermarket chains, Aldi and IGA, were less likely to consider going online, with 26% and 23% respectively.

Roy Morgan CEO Michele Levine said the online revolution in retail sales had yet to extend to Australian grocery purchasing.

“The grocery and fresh food market has stubbornly resisted the convenience and value for money proposition that online retailing has used to disrupt many other categories,” Ms Levine said.

“This is not because consumers aren’t interested, with just under a third of Australian grocery shoppers now considering buying online.”

Ms Levine said the combination of Amazon Fresh and German supermarket giant Kaufland both launching in Australia this year could be the tipping point in convincing sceptical consumers to sample online grocery shopping for the first time.

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