Online resource for end-of-life care

A new website aims to provide evidence-based medical and practical information for the palliative care of older people at the end of life.

Aged Care Minister Ken Wyatt said civilisation could be measured by how it treated its older people.

“This is even more meaningful when it comes to caring for the aged and vulnerable at the concluding stages of their lives,” he said.

“This new online resource,, collects under one umbrella a wide range of valuable research data and information.

“PalliAGED is funded by the Australian government and managed by Flinders University through the CareSearch website.”

Mr Wyatt said the website featured new medications, medical practice, models of care, advice on cultural and other considerations, symptoms and treatment decisions, risk analysis, ways to support people and their families, and public and consumer experience.

“All of this will help health professionals, aged care staff, family and friends, to provide the best possible care for older people at the end stage of their life,” he said. 

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