Our aged care priorities

With just over a week until polling day, we’ve once again called on all federal election candidates to commit to repairing and boosting Australia’s aged care system, and to safeguarding the health and safety of vulnerable older Australians. It’s time to:

  • Triple the number of level 3 and 4 Home Care Packages
  • Require all aged care providers to publish staff-to-resident ratios
  • Ensure all aged care staff have completed appropriate certificates including training in dementia care.

The Royal Commission heard evidence last year that more than 16,000 people died waiting for a package.

The current situation isn’t just challenging, it’s wholly unacceptable. Older Australians are being denied their clear, and legitimate preference – to age in their own homes. Its impacting on their health and it’s driving them into residential care.

Significant investment is required as a matter of urgency to help eliminate the current, unacceptably long waiting list and improve the quality of life for people waiting for care.

We’re also calling for the mandatory publication of residential staff-to-resident ratios to improve and make transparent the quality of care services.

Aged care providers should be required to regularly collate the information as part of day-to-day workforce planning and that level of detail should be published on the My Aged Care website so consumers are better informed when choosing a home and inquiring about the level of care their loved receives. 

Furthermore, we have to tackle inadequacies in training. There are growing numbers of older people with dementia, yet a lack of suitably skilled staff to meet their specific needs, including managing symptoms, helping ease conflict in care settings and reducing the use of physical and chemical restraints. 

We believe that all aged care staff must undergo qualified training in caring for people with dementia - it’s the only way to increase the quality of care they receive and the quality of life we should all expect in our later years.

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