Radio a big part of life for four in 10 Australians

Retired people and those who are still working fulltime say listening to the radio is a big part of their day.

A new Roy Morgan Research survey of employees aged 14 and over showed nearly four out of 10 Australians tuned in each day.

People working full time (41 per cent) were the most likely to be daily radio listeners, followed by retirees on 40 per cent and part-time workers on 35 per cent.

But the daily habit was less likely among those without a paid job, and for people who work in home duties.

The research also showed the more time spent at work also meant the more time spent listening to the radio, rising to 172 minutes a day, or nearly three hours, for the almost two million Australians who work 51 or more hours a week.

“For many working Australians, radio is an important part of their daily routine,” Roy Morgan Research's Michele Levine said.

“Many employees are tuned in to the radio during their working hours — whether it’s streamed through a desktop or personal device, heard over speakers in a retail store, bar or restaurant, or playing all day on a construction site.”

Ms Levine said full-time workers who said radio was an important part of their daily routine also earned more than $6,000 more per year on average than other full-time employees.

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