Ready for retirement or a work in progress?

When it comes to retirement it’s never too early to start planning and never too late to take charge. Get practical recommendations tailored to your circumstances through National Seniors’ free, online Retirement Readiness Program.

Getting started

The first step is an easy 35-question, interactive self-assessment quiz that measures your physical, financial, social, emotional, cognitive and motivational resources. 

Once you’ve completed the quiz there are online modules to help you to plan in the areas you’d most like to improve. You can do some of them or all of them as you wish.

Even if you don't complete the quiz, you can still access the training module.

You can access the quiz and training module here. Please login using the details provided on the page.

The results

Of those who have completed the quiz, 78% say they’re currently employed and getting a head-start on their planning. While laying the groundwork in advance is ideal, if you’re already retired the program still offers a great opportunity to take stock and discover new ways to examine and positively influence your circumstances.

In fact, the good news - according to research, is that ongoing goalsetting contributes to wellbeing before and during retirement.

Both male and female participants felt that they are well-positioned in terms of health resources - a huge positive and critical step to the ability to choose the timing of your workplace exit and overall enjoyment of retirement.

Overall, participants said that financial resources are the area in which they are least well prepared. 44% feel they have just enough to retire on, while a further 33% feel that they do not.

Learn more

The Retirement Readiness Program has been developed by National Seniors, in conjunction with Associate Professor Joanne Earl, of Macquarie University’s Department of Psychology.

The program is themed around six key areas:

  • Finance - After being able to afford health expenses, the second most important financial concern for Australians is the longevity of their financial resources.
  • Health - While some aspects of our health, such as hereditary conditions, are out of our control, we can do a lot to improve the modifiable factors that reduce our risk of illness and disease.
  • Social - Are your current networks and outlets meeting your needs? And how do you see your needs being met as time passes?
  • Emotional - Do you feel helpless or resilient, ambivalent or enthused when faced with significant life events and change? Check out a host of resources and sources of support.
  • Cognitive - Valuable advice on how to stay cognitively well and what to do if you have concerns. Not to mention tackling the myth of dementia as an ‘inevitable’ consequence of ageing.
  • Motivational - How to drive forward change in critical areas of your life.

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