Reminder: tell us about your aged care experiences

National Seniors members are being urged to share their experiences of aged care to help with the Federal Government’s National Aged Care Workforce Strategy, which is planning the aged care workforce for the future.

We offer a big thanks to those members who provided early comments during the Christmas break.

Research Director Professor John McCallum is keen to hear from more members about their personal experiences of home-delivered services to them and their families. He wants to hear about the ‘journey’ you’ve had to find and receive services. He is also interested in what expectations members have about what constitutes a good service, whether or not they are receiving one.

Prof. McCallum wants to know:

If you received an aged care service, your description of the ‘service journey’ and where and how you experienced itThe type of aged care service you experiencedYour opinion of what would make ‘good’ services.

“Members may have accessed the My Aged Care website or other services directly for themselves, partners, or other family members, or they may be caring for a loved one at home,” Prof. McCallum said.

“We’re keen to hear about their good - and bad - experiences and expectations, as soon as possible. And experiences could relate to a lot of services while living at home, including physio, podiatry and other allied health services.”

Members should email Prof. John McCallum at, and he would also welcome regular mail at: 4/26 Bougainville Street, Manuka, ACT 2603. Please be sure to include your full name, contact details and the specific services your experiences relate to.

Submissions need to be received no later than 4 February 2018.

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