Save lives by becoming an organ donor

Did you know that since 2009, organ transplants have saved 11,000 Australian lives?

Each donation story is inspiring, but with 1,400 Australians on a waitlist for a life saving transplant and a further 11,000 on dialysis, more help is needed.

Register to make a difference

Many people mistakenly assume they’ve nominated to be an organ and tissue donor on their driver’s licence, but you need to actively register to become a donor.

The Australian Government is calling on people to register online using one of the following:

Transforming people’s lives

Age and medical history are considered, but you should not assume that being ‘old’ or unhealthy stops you from becoming a donor.

Almost everyone is eligible to donate.

Once you’ve registered, we recommend having a chat with your family and friends, so they know you want to donate. 

Are you unsure if your faith permits organ donation?

Find out what some religions in Australia say about the matter.

Watch video

More information

Read more about the Australian Organ Donor Register.

You can also discover the facts about organ and tissue donation at DonateLife.

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Support our national voice

You can help us to make a positive difference to the lives of older Australians by donating today.

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